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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 48 December 22, 2008

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Looking back…

Habaek finally made it to the Emperor’s Country with Nakbin  and was greeted by a lady called Chunhoo.  It seemed that she’s been a former acquaintance of the the Water God’s but to what extent?

This Chapter…

Habaek went down to the human world and was surprised to see such a young girl called Nakbin who isn’t afraid of the Gods.  She even dared him to show some proof that he indeed is one.

Then there was a girl named Mok Rang helping out her father who later learned about the mystery of the dragon cloud.  Should it appear it would bring rain as it symbolizes the Dragon God.

The last part shows Suh Wang Mo, Habaek’s mother visiting a place alone as Habaek’s currently in the human world, where she was greeted I suspect by the Emperor less his mask.


First, I’d like to thank Kay-san for the nudge.  I have been quite busy I didn’t realize that scanlations are already out! ^^

Now, isn’t it suspicious for a normal human to not fear a god?  Well, I suppose they shouldn’t be feared at all but in the setting that was the notion all about the gods, that they were fearsome.

Fishy Nakbin eh?

The chapter was a short one and credits as always to Chiresakura!


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