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Vampire Knight: Chapter 46 December 20, 2008

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Looking back…

Kaname returns to the academy and found Zero pointing the Bloody Rose at Yuuki!

This Chapter…

Enraged by  the scene he witnessed following his return, Kaname vowed to wipe off Zero for the smallest reason such as pointing the Bloody Rose at Yuuki.  That, despite the fact that Yuuki might hate him for it even for a thousand years after.

However, Zero’s not-so-good-a-greeting caused Kaname’s wrist to be torn! Poor him!

Still entangled with  the Bloody Rose, Kaname called on to it and and uttered that there’s someone he’d like to protect.  It must have recognized his voice and it loosened him from bondage to Zero’s surprise.  But considering he is the new master he soothed the thing and re-affirmed of who the the enemy is. Worried that the fight would go any further, Yuuki jumped in their midst and managed to separate them at once.

She turned to Kaname and consoled him, enough for him to understand what she was asking.  She then licked the part where the torn wrist used to have been. Lovely!

At that rate, Kaname decided to give them time off to bid each other farewell confident that Yuuki already knows her rightful place.

Seeing the Bloody Rose sucked on Zero’s blood, Yuuki urged him to let go of the  gun but it rejected her as she’s a vampire it was made against, but she managed anyways.

For a moment, Zero glared at her and pulled her to him the next!  Kyaaaa!  He asked if the good old Yuuki he knew still exist but she told her two natures are one and the same….that only desires no one but Kaname’s blood and whose thoughts was always filled of him! *huff huff*

She still might have elaborated more but Zero stopped her midway and told that he only desires Yuuki’s blood too!  Right, he drank her blood and kissed her!  Whoah! >////<

Confirming that Yuuki’s been freed from any worries and fears unlike what she used to, Zero was kinda relieved to hear that and said that he might now focus on his real goal.  He bid her to leave and be with the man she could spend eternity with (refers to Kaname ♥) for the next time he sees her, he vowed to kill her.

Yuuki has really grown matured and sane enough for a vampire, proving Zero she hasn’t changed a bit. She even made a compromise to keep running away from him so that he’ll still have reason to live.  Sweet!

Random Babblings…

I am deeply moved by this chapter so much that I was on the verge of tears!

I felt for Zero a lot as Yuuki professed her feelings towards Kaname while wrapped in his arms but I’m happy that he somehow found the courage to tell her how he really felt for her in the end.

Ah, could say no more.  This chapter was so beautiful!

That reminds me, you may have noticed I’m not that kind to put up a very detailed account of every chapter.  Though I want to spoil everyone, I still maintain that there’s always something to look forward to by reading the chapter itself.   Check out Sagakure’s fangirlings too [ here ]!


7 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 46”

  1. Jvonr92 Says:

    OMFG! Chapter 46 is the best chapter of VK as of to date! KYA! I was like bawling my eyes out when I read it, like OMG. Like holy shit I don’t care if Yuuki ultimately ends up with Kaname (Although I wish she won’t but I really do believe she will) just as long as Zero confesses his love for her which he did XD Kya, so happy X3
    ZEKI KISS FTW!! *holds up Zeki flag proudly* XD

  2. madi Says:

    Hahaha, I cried so much yesterday x’D Although I prefer KxY I nearly died with happiness when Zero kissed her. I started liking him alot more after Yuukis transformation (I seriously wanted to kill her when she was mean to Zero with the whole vampire side eating her thingy)
    So now I’m happy, soooo happy. But I hope we’ll see alot of Zero after this chapter too, since I guess that Hino-sensei will focus alot more on Yuuki and Kaname from now on. But who knows @_@

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I admit I like Zero in a way, take Kaname out of the picture and I would have wished him to be with Yuuki! He’s such a nice guy and he really deserves to be happy. It is unfortunate however that he has to come later in Yuuki’s life or because their worlds are far different from each other from the start.

      But nothing’s definite yet as the story continues. It is said that Vk is supposedly a tragic kind but that tragic thing might mean someone might die or it simply just refer to the would-be outcome of the love triangle…someone must win and lose.

      All in all this chapter is soooo awesome! XD

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