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Fairy + Glass December 20, 2008

Fairy + Glass

Fairy + Glass

The week’s almost over now but we haven’t seen a shadow of Fairy Tail’s 116th chapter when it’s usually out on a mid-week.

From what I have gathered, Mr. Mashima’s probably taking the break for the season but there haven’t been further announcements is there?

Anyways, this post is still Fairy Tail related and I found this an opportune time to start my “Raves and Rants” section.

In here will be sort of reviews for the recent mangas or animes I’ve finished watching or reading, the completed ones, one-shots, and others along that line will all be covered here.

Now, as I was browsing the web for the latest FT, look what I found instead!  It was there laying for so long at the Kunlun’s photo gallery!

Fairy Tail + Yankee-kun and Megane-chan = Fairy Glasses!

An Overview…

The student council from where high schoolers  Shinagawa, Adachi and the gang (I assume they made it in the Student Council ) came to visit Fairy Tail to undergo magic lessons from the guild.

Each of the five students were teamed up with the Fairy Tail Members. Natsu with Adachi, Lucy with Shinagawa, Gray with Chiba, Erza with Himeji and finally Makarov’s been pestered by Izumi.  They really were idiotic combos!

Megane-chan’s had them wore glasses too!  The rest of FT mages looked classy in them but ugh, Natsu’s  like a thug!

Have they learned something? Well, um, except for having been mesmerized by Erza’s ex-quip, nosebleeds over Lucy’s booby-trap, major fluke disaster Plue…terrible!

The short special ended with the Fairy Tail mages coming over at Yankee and Megane’s high school (forgot what it’s called), wore normal uniforms but refinement is quite too much for them! XD

The Rave…

At first glance I said, those aren’t Mr. Mashima’s characters but who are they?  I have been following Fairy Tail like crazy for sometime now so I really am overly familiar with who’s who except the new ones so I could easily spot the difference.  Finally, I figured out quite a bit.

There had been a short collaboration work from Hiro Mashima and former assistant Miki Yoshikawa earlier this year published in the 51st issue of the weekly Shounen Magazine and that was it.  Fairy Glasses!

The joint work is much too cool for me!  I have a great time looking at the pics.  Ahem, can’t understand Chinese all that much!   But the two authors sure are great!

I haven’t been so privy about the person behind the famous mangas but now I’m starting to dig them up and uncover a much wider world of animation out there!

The Rant…

Because of Fairy Tail Glasses, I was compelled to read Yoshikawa’s Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan and hell, they were a riot of a tandem!  I’m so engrossed!

By the way, in Japanese, “Yankee” colloquially means delinquent and of course “Megane” means glasses.

Though the artwork is quite okay but I laughed so hard at every chapter not knowing it was already 3 am!  I started reading at midnight my time so…

Alas, but my mom came knocking at my door and I got scolded for howling so loud! How I wish my room’s a soundproof! ^^;

I’ve read almost 24 chapters that time, the only ones available at Mangafox but I was so surprised to see that a Chinese site had already 78 chapters in total!  I can’t say if I could parse on every chapter from now on with my hands really full at the moment, plus Chinese is taking a lot of my time but in the near future I hope and I really want to! Someone please…scanlations?

This is a must read!  Take my word for it!


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