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Elfen Lied December 20, 2008

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Elfen Lied

I usually rely on recommendations from friends on which manga or anime to read or watch (too lazy) though I would be the critic in the end.  I really missed my Stage6 friends… “I told you” I can hear them say.

Alright, I finally had my hands on Elfen Lied, corresponding to German term which means “Elven Song.”

The Rave…

Save from the violence and nudity, God I love this manga! Nyuu! :3

I have had mixed emotions while at it and  I was like glued to my seat and read all the chapters all in half a day!

I was mentally protesting, “No more of this, enough of this!” but still, I am so eager to know what’s gonna happen next.  Pathetic am I not?

I like how the story was made balanced in all the aspects and I think there hadn’t been a single issue that was left unanswered!

The Rant…

This manga is an eye-opener for me of some sort though I must admit that this is nothing but a fiction.  The plot is somewhat closer to the reality confronting us all these days. Working in the media, I must say that I am fed up of all these issues concerning deceit, exploitation, manipulation, killings, etc. but we can’t run away from them…

I just pity those Diclonius species and the humans who have given up their lives like they’re but pieces of trash for a single soul’s selfish ambitions.  Nah, I just can’t help but think of things like these while I was reading but enough of the serious talk!

Now, back to the manga, I can’t say the illustration’s that notable but it excels in gruesomeness at times with all those splattering blood, flying body parts and that Anna…eek, gross!

I was really moved by the story especially the part when Kohta needed to kill Nyuu to get rid of Lucy as well except for a scene in the finale part.  Remember that Bandou-san with half his body slashed out was still alive?  Is it only me who thinks that part was ridiculous?

I have watched the anime before of about three episodes but I wasn’t up for it.  But having read the manga, I might give it a second chance and I wanna hear what the Elfen Lied sound like.


3 Responses to “Elfen Lied”

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  2. Ryvius Says:

    You really have to check out the anime! It’s so amazing. It’s one of my favorite animes ever. I’ve watched it 5 times already! And it also has one of the best soundtracks ever!!

    I’m such an Elfen Lied fan, hehe…
    I haven’t read the manga though.

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hi! Really? I’ll take your word for that. ^^

    I was really intrigued by the manga and I found it awesome!
    You read the manga, I’m watching the anime. ~o*

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