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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 171 December 17, 2008

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Looking back…

The inevitable meeting between Haruka and Yuuko took place.  This might be a sign for the near end to come so soon?

This Chapter…

Colored pages!

The lady client came to Yuuko’s shop for another cooking session with Watanuki.

Yuuko must have consented the lessons to be done there so she could have a taste of Watanuki’s cooking too, if he’ll teach the woman his recipe from before.

At the kitchen, the lady was surprised of the menu Watanuki wanted to teach her.  Rice balls?! She insisted that she could make it without any further instructions but he said he wanted her to eat them.

Doumeki and Mokona helped themselves with the food that was served by Watanuki and a good wine to go with it.  He was the first to come to the shop at an invitation and while the lesson is ongoing, Himawari and Kohane came too!  Uninvited? Geh.

Himawari has business with Watanuki and Kohane’s visiting Yuuko’s shop anyways.   Both wore a different hairdo and Kohane especially, she looked rather cute but matured.

At the kitchen, the client was hesitating until Watanuki told her his situation about how he couldn’t remember a thing about the taste but he just knew it was the right thing since his body seemed to remember how to do the cooking.

He said that it isn’t just enough that one can cook.  It should be good that others could have a taste of  one’s cooking in a way to further know the person even better and that certain person too has to eat what he made in order to get to know himself better too.

Random Babblings…

Later too, gomen ^^ enjoy the scans! Scanlations are out!  Looks like I’ve got some err in the spoilers somewhere. ^^;

Anyways, that’s how Watanuki learned, the lesson that is.  I can’t believe how he’d grown so matured and could make decisions on his own.

I have observed that he isn’t that pissed at Yuuko’s jest as he usually did at her whining… sure our Watanuki-kun’d grown!

Will his words now convince the lady client?  It seems that the tasting part is quite hopeless for Watanuki himself since he’s got no memories but I hope he will come to remember them once again even just that part.

Thanks to Quinn-chan for the link! XD


14 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Chapter 171”

  1. Quinn Says:

    I was impressed by this chap. but to really understand it I will definitely need to re-read it. ^ ^

    Fairchild, I think you are right. CLAMP is starting to slowly move away from having customers in Holic and will soon be connecting with TRC storywise.

    I wonder if Watanuki will be involved once again thru a dream?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I am a bit disappointed that were having the next chapter next year and to think we’ll be greeted by that woman’s arc still and maybe CLAMP is purposely slowing down their releases since everything has to end soon.

      That’s a great possibility there about Watanuki. I’m so eager to end this woman’s filler arc already so we may find out what’s going to happen after.

  2. m Says:

    yeah, it’s getting a little draggy… i just wanna know what the cooking lady’s problem is and how w is gonna solve, then get on with the mainline.

    does anyone know when the next approx release date falls?

  3. m Says:

    thanks Fairchild! gosh, the next release is sooo far. may have to read up again before the next to refresh. sigh…

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      You’re right and most were disappointed with the last chapter as it is uneventful and didn’t even gave a hint how the current fight between the 2 Syaorans at the ruins seem to affect Watanuki…

  4. Quinn Says:

    Based on the spoiler you posted for TRC Fairchild. I don’t think things will go smoothly for W.=(

    Who knew the clone would be such a bada__?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Merry Christmas Quinn-chan and everyone! Yeah, things doesn’t look good for any of them. I wonder what would the effects be with Watanuki but we’re deprived of discovering so in the last chapter. :(

      But I have a theory, what if Watanuki “figures out” that lesson Yuuko wanted him to learn, could it be that the real Syaoran could also “figure out” a way to defeat or settle the scores with the clone? I wish we could at least see a glimpse of both worlds simultaneously…

  5. Quinn Says:

    Have a great day Thur. Fairchild-chan!

    A glimpse into both worlds simultaneously would blow my mind.XD

  6. Quinn Says:

    Yes.I was craving some WxD action. I think it sums their relationship up accurately.^_^

  7. m Says:

    “Blessed Christmas to all!” Hope it has been a good end for the year.

    @Fairchild: Good point. If Syaoran dies, so will W right? Then what about the clone I wonder… will that affect W as well? Also, it seems that D is beginning to have more faith in W, calling him an idiot less, which is cool.

    @Quinn: Yeah, I’m so looking forward to more WxD action. It has been all talk lately, a little dry. Do hope the next would be eventful.

    Does anyone know if CLAMP decides to release anymore anime? It’s so far back and twisted, I’m not sure if they can pull it off to tally with the manga. Hmmm…

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      You’re so right M, “… calling him an idiot less…” is rather obvious which is good! But will the humor we loved HoliC for be gone for good? At this point I really have no idea as to what the effect would be to whom. :( Happy Holidays to you too! ^^

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