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Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X December 15, 2008

Had this in draft on the 10th but I just had to post this now.  Things weren’t that good for me last week but no matter how things went,  as always, good things come to those that were patient!  It’s never too late is it?  Blame my dawdling gadget! :/  So here goes…

Finally got my own copy of the VK fanbook! I’m so happy or was so happy but I still am!  Yesterday, that was the other day, I was out in the bookstore and bought Holic the 11th and 19th Tsubasa volumes and the next day, I got this lovely air packed present straight from Japan!  Thanks Reiko, it’s cool doing business with you! ^^

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X scanned by me! ◊ω◊

I had the glossy outer cover of the fanbook scanned for everyone. Mind you, the black things such as the X were supposedly silver embossed but the scan turned out just like that. Actually, I’ve scanned few pages more but it’s so LQ since I can’t even get the book flat.  Anyways,  I can see that there are a few people who have already scanned the whole thing so just scout around you’ll find them.  It’s just too bad they’re in Japanese. ~o^ I wonder what the book looked like after doing such!  Another copy might solve the problem! :)

While they have scans, I guess I could just dissect a little of the book on a personal scale.

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X

I’m kinda confused what X meant, definitely it won’t be the tenth since this is the first so,  I just thought it could be the 24th Roman alphabet fair and square but somehow it came to me  looking at the back cover that it might be ‘Cross’. Why X?

Now, the fanbook is about half an inch smaller than the regular manga size, (W & L) a tankobon-like perhaps, wrapped in a glossy outer cover (see above) but has the original book cover beneath.

Turning the cover of the book, you’ll be greeted with an ID card which is Kaname filled out for the Night Class and a blank Day Class ID which we could fill out ourselves and followed by some glossy illustrations (most we already have seen). The whole fanbook is divided into chapters and a brief description were as follows:

Prologue. This part tackles more of the Cross Academy, its everyday affairs, student life in general, the uniforms and fanarts.  There were also some quick sketches and scripts by Ms. Hino, the ones Sagakure scanlated before.

Chapter 1. The Day Class.  It has the profile of the Day Class characters, Yuuki, Zero, Sayori and even Shindou including a brief bio of each.  Both Zero and Yuuki had their room layouts leaked and were followed by the messages from the fans and a Q & A portion which had the characters on a hot seat.

Chapter 2. The Night Class.  Like in chapter one, it contains the profiles of the Night Class, Kaname, Aidou, Kain… room perspectives (of course Kaname has the largest, fit for a King!) mostly have their rooms in solo except Kain and Aidou.  Just like the Day class, fan messages, Q & As…  Glossy pictures are after this.

Intermission Vampire Society. In here were Vampire Reports concerning the incidents that were vampire-related at the Cross Academy.  The incidents ten years ago and the Kiryuu massacre.  We are also shown the hierarchy of Vampire levels A-E and the interconnection of the VK characters in general.  Night Class people were in the B level while Kaname is in the A rank.

Chapter 3. Vampires and Hunters.  Got Rido, the Kuran Family, Shizuka, etc., on the part of the Vampires while the Hunters consists of Yagari and Kaien.

Chapter 4. The Making. It contains the author Matsuri Hino’s sketches.  It was kinda surprising to see how detailed the uniforms were.  From the pleats to the accessories, buttons, cuff links… they’re awesome!  I also love the sketches of each of the characters’ eye.  She was so consistent with each of them and not one were alike save for Ichiru and Zero!

In every chapters were fan arts and also there are poll results.  Things like your most favorite line in the series and the one which goes… who would you like to suck  your blood and more!  There are also pages devoted to the author found at the end part.

Unfortunately, I can’t read all of them but still, I’m trying!  How nice if I’d get better enough to take the Japanese proficiency test!  But I tell you this is a must-buy!

More Babbles…

I’m a Rima x Shiki fan now!  I love that spread where Rima was holding Shiki’s hand and kisses it. >////< Are they really just bestfriends or what!  Ah, pockies!  But most of all, I am deeply in love with Kaname now!  Whoah!


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  2. Vergan Says:

    Can you post Kain Akatsuki and Souen Ruka’s profile [in English] here,please ? Or if you don’t mind,can you send it to my email ? I will feel very grateful if you do it.Thank you so much :)

    Cause I want to know about their profile but I don’t know Japanese :( :(

    Thank you so much :)

  3. miu Says:

    i have one question about vampire knight manga fanbook..

    does it have in english languange????thank you

  4. kagetei Says:

    anou..may i know who you do the business with…???

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