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Spoiler: xxxHOLiC 171 December 15, 2008

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(not the chapter cover)

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It has been oddly quiet as I can’t find spoilers for the HoliC these past few days but I am glad I came across a Japanese blog with the Chapter 171  entry on it.

I can’t seem to understand the crooked translations of which but from what I have grasped (didn’t bother to have a brainstorming over it), we are back at Watanuki’s cooking lessons.

…Watanuki realizes that he has made the lady client even more confused when he admitted that he does not eat what he cooks aggravated more by the fact that she refuses to touch anything or she’ll feel disgust…

…But even without a memory, the body still thinks or remembers that’s why the cooking could be done…

…It’s not just the cooking that matters, the one who learns how to does.  It’s a must to taste the food and tell what it is like…


Ah I’m horrible!  Sorry I can only go this far. But Doumeki’s with Watanuki drinking liquor at a living room, Himawari wore a different hairstyle and that she and Yuuko’s coming for a visit to the cooking lessons…

It failed my expectations too for there seemed to be no connection with Tsubasa’s current chapter where the clone and the real Syaoran were fighting.  This is still sticking to what Yuuko has said that Watanuki was sent to the client to learn something.  What learning could it be?

Man, I give up, translators doesn’t help either!  Anyways, please see the entry yourselves and see if you could figure out more.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the scan  releases.  Maybe it’s more readable. XD


Found some scans!  Check those [ here ]

Too bad we’re not going to have HoliC again till next year, January 19.  *sob sob*


5 Responses to “Spoiler: xxxHOLiC 171”

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  2. Quinn Says:

    Hi! Once again it sounds like CLAMP has left more ? then answers.At least the other characters have come into play.

    I tried to make sense of it thru Google Babel Fish but the site DID not translate well.T_T Thanks for searching the web Fairchild for Holic news.

  3. naruship Says:

    oh gawd i miss xxxholic..it seems so long since i read 170
    what happen? is it to the last arc just like tsubasa?

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