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Mangettes: Gate 7 by CLAMP December 15, 2008

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In collaboration with publisher Dark Horse, the famous manga quartet, CLAMP has scheduled to officially set on  public the Mangettes: Gate 7 on August 15, 2009.

The 80-page paperback goodness is now available on a pre-order basis at Amazon.ca.  Check it out [ here ].

While little is known about this anticipated product, here’s a brief summary from  the same site:

– – –

Between our conscious, waking world and the subconscious state of slumber, there is a thinly veiled plane of lucid dreaming.

While the conscious state belongs to individuals, the hidden plane of dreams is one shared by all human minds, past, present, and future. Yet only a few have ever possessed the power to enter this secret realm at will – where a war is being waged to control the waking world. For our earthly wishes and desires are not our own, but under the manipulation of these unseen masters of dreams.

The heroine of Gate 7 is Hana, a high-school girl hailing from Kyoto, the daughter of a temple caretaker. Her peaceful ways give her the self-control to act in the hidden realm. But Hana can only reach it through the strange beast that acts as her totem in the world of dreams – and her companion on a journey to confront the puppeteers of our reality!

– – –

Another craft to look forward to from CLAMP! Looks promising is it?

We are expecting an xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa OAD soon and we’ve also got to see this more later!  =)



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