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Shugo Chara!! Doki [62] December 12, 2008

Looking back…

A new guardian chara has appeared, the sparkly and bubbly Kiran!  She was accidentally lost by her owner Hinako and everyone helped out to bring them back together again!

This Episode…

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Rima The Spy

Scary Rima

Nagi vs Rima

Episode 62: Rima vs. Nagihiko! Are The Two Rivals?

Easter’s failure scientists were seen hunting for more X-eggs intended to be used to power up Ikuto’s violin more. Meanwhile, it’s the Guardian’s do day!  The charas went cleaning their own doll house too.  It’s just that Yaya’s so stubbornly playful that she’s more of a nuisance rather than of help.

In the process, she accidentally knocked the stack of books which Amu was carrying and then an old picture of the Guardians where Nadeshiko and Kukkai were  still the Quuen and Jack’s chair showed up. Everyone were delighted to see it except Rima.  Her jealousy over Amu’s former best friend had increased even more especially that Nagihiko, her twin was part of the Guardians too.

Down-spirited she decided to mope and not even Kusukusu’s antics could make her laugh.  She was exceptionally quiet and spaces out during class and only showed real reaction when Amu came to check up on her.  But when Nagi appeared, she stormed off leaving Amu the impression that she might have been jealous of Nadeshiko’s twin.

To patch things up between the two, Amu had Kusukusu help her come up with antics to make Rima smile, set up a date for three with both Nagi and her.   Poor Amu, no matter what she did to make Rima smile, it just didn’t work.  She just keep on her annoyed face and ignores Nagi everytime.  Even the pitfalls Kosukosu set up as prop for Amu’s antics were a failure.

Finally, Amu brought the two at her house and Amu’s father has mistaken Nagi for Amu’s boyfriend.  Ami showed them photos her father took from Amu and the other two discovered a lot of Amu’s other side.  They ended up cooking some cream tarts or cake ? I can’t seem to remember and it almost paved way for the Rima-Nagi make up but still it didn’t work.

At the park , as Amu walked the guests home, one  the failure scientist fell into one of the pit traps and let loose of some of the X-eggs.  Amu and Rima chara nari-ed and Nagi went on the tactical plan only that Rima ignored him and went on her own.

She was caught off guard and when the X-eggs attacked her, Nagi covered for her.  Amu was teary-eyed for a bit as she witnessed something of a progress between the two’s case.  Rima then helped Amu  cornering the eggs while Nagi distracts them with a dummy leaving an opening for Amu to purify them.

Successfully they made it and Nagi fell into the pit bringing along the dummy with him and unexpectedly, Rima laughed so hard.  She offered her hand to him to help him out but instead he pulled her in and sooner Amu joined them too.  Instead of having things patched up, it  looked like it even worsen the situation and Amu’s helpless! ^^;

Random Babblings…

How I wish Nagihiko and Amu would be an item before, but I now prefer Rima and him.  He’s so cute but when the heck is going to have his Character Transformation?  I wanna see Temari and Rhythm so much!


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