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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 47 December 11, 2008

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Looking back…

The Water God finally arrived in the Emperor’s country with his chosen bride, Yeowha.

This Chapter…

Chun-whoo, Chunhoo whatever… along the way asked Habaek if he’d remembered her but he denied of knowing her in an unaffected manner to her dismay and even asked for what significance.

Face to face with the Emperor at last, Habaek and his bride were welcomed.

Clad in his usual mask tarnished by Habaek in a fight before he commented on how long it has been since they’ve seen each other.  But the deity reminded the Emperor of having met him in the Water country not too long ago and disguised as Nakbin. The Emperor fell silent but easily regained composure from Habaek’s tirade and boasted that he’d picked some pretty bird near his place and the deity’s  going to see that soon.

Chunhoo muttered about the Emperor’s brother and father’s enemy but the latter told her not to rush things up for it seemed that he has prepared a very amusing welcome for the guest.

Chunhoo informed Hoo-Yee of his master’s arrival.  Then their conversation led into Hoo-Yee’s recollection of Nakbin and Habaek’s first meeting and soon his’.

Random Babblings…

I didn’t expect that Chapter 46 would be that short (was confused right there) so if you’d noticed I’ve continuously wrote in the other post some parts from the 47th but I already had edited those and syncd it with Chiresakura’s releases.  Thanks to her!

Now, this is what I am talking about.  The first meetings, more revelations and more heartbreaking moments to come. Maybe now we could  fully understand the reality behind the Emperor’s hatred towards Habaek.

You may not have  picked up nor read between the lines but the pretty bird the Emperor told about was referring to Soah.

What would Habaek’s reaction be? Oh no!  But I guess we’ll have to wait for Volume 8 for that! :P

I thought to myself, is Habaek really that hateful of a god?  Poor him.  Now, it’s Habaek against the world.  Could Soah’s love and his see through all these?  Poor them! =_=


5 Responses to “Bride of the Water God: Chapter 47”

  1. Aki Says:

    P-poor Habaek. ;;

  2. kay Says:

    chapter 48-49 in english is out

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