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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 54 December 10, 2008

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Looking back…

Kaho and Kaji on their way home run into Yunoki’s sister Miyabi at the school entrance and got dragged shopping!

This Chapter…

Len’s victory over a music competition with college students as his opponents became the buzz of the whole school that day.  Having met all expectations, this was his best performance yet.

The talks brought about a premise for Ousaki to discuss with Kaho his own venture of joining in a music competition in Europe.   He apologized with Kaho for leaving her midway in their lessons but she insisted that she should be the one apologizing for having been such a bother to him.

They met Len along the way and Ousaki was about disclose Len’s plans at Kaho’s presence but Tsukimori stopped him just in time.

Kaho barged in at Kanazawa’s office and was appalled to find out that Director Kira was there.  She asked about the rumored new teacher from Germany and asked if Kanazawa sensei could arrange him to teach her.  It seemed that the same teacher had been giving Tsukimori his lesssons before.

Kanazawa said it would be a slim chance for her to be accepted by him not to mention that she’s from the Gen  Ed Department but since Kaho’s so determined, she was asked to solicit the new teacher’s permission that on her first attempt, she easily got rejected.

Len asked the teacher himself, a favor for Hino.  Thank goodness the teacher might be considering it since his old student has high respects for her music and with the compromise to win the forthcoming music competition.

Success!  Hino’s determination and persistence had the new teacher decide to spare time and tutor her!  Thanks to Len.

Random Babblings…

I really admire Hino’s persistence.  I wouldn’t have lasted if I were in her place or maybe I should’ve looked for another teacher but she’s one of a kind!  Len… how kind of him!   Everyone’s gona be leaving soon.  Azuma, Len and now Ousaki! ~.~


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  2. Jacki Says:

    thanks! aww len is leaving T_T; he is my number1 choice for hino~ D:

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