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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 53 December 10, 2008

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Looking back…

Kaho and Ryoutarou were tasked to present an ensemble in the school’s meeting summit and Len has revealed his intention to study abroad!

This Chapter…

Hino’s schoolmates were starting to get jealous of her having unintentionally monopolized Kaji’s attention.  He’d eat lunch with her, walk her home and praise her everytime he’s  got a chance.

It has been like that even after the concours, all eyes were on her and that girl from the Gen Ed Department was the talk of the campus!

Kaji Aoi. A transfer student at Seiso, believed to have come after Hino, which is the truth but only Ryou knows.  He openly declares his enthusiasm in her music, hangs constantly around her, praises her whenever and turns down confessions because of her as he claims he’s dedicated only to the girl.  Aside from his good looks and charm, he’s equally splendid at sports and seemed to have a keen appreciation of music himself.  It can’t be helped but be compared with Yunoki and Yunoki’s guards were making such a big fuss about it.

Speak of the devil but he and Kaho found Yunoki’s sister waiting at the front gate of the academy.  She was told his brother had an emergency and therefore would have to be a little late.  She ended up inviting both whom she had mistaken as a couple, the thing which they graciously denied and off they went.

At the mall, Miyabi apologized for the ‘fiance fiasco’ Yunoki’s dragged her into before and asked if her brother has been acting strange at school.  Kaho enumerated his slight misunderstanding with Hihara and his giving up from the selection camp.  With that, Miyabi was about to say something but stopped midway cause of the cake thingy and Kaji’s sort of flirting with Kaho.  She excused herself for being an interruption to the both of them.

Then came Yunoki at last.  Speeding things up, he and Kaji were introduced the first time and  Kaho learned that his father  was a Senator!

A chance  came to be alone with Yunoki.  He spoke ruthlessly at Kaho about her music and about chasing her dream.  Maybe Kaho already knew the dark side of him somehow that she chose to be positive, declared that she’ll be doing her best and will never give up.

The chapter ended up with Azuma going back to the academy and accidentally overheard Len’s conversation with Kanazawa sensei of his plans for studying abroad.


No matter how I really like Yunoki’s face he’s an evil!  :P  Poor Kaho, I would have punched him right away.

Ah, Kaji… he really is handsome! *swoons*


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