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Fairy Tail: Chapter 115 December 9, 2008

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Looking back…

Coward Bixlow’s taking on against a rookie female mage? Just when we thought Lucy’s finally doomed, The Ultimate Stellar Spirit Loki appeared in the name of love! Gosh! ^^;

Does he stand a chance?

This Chapter…

Regulus.  The brightest star in the Leo constellation.

The fact. Loki hasn’t beaten Bixlow even once reason why the latter kept on boasting over his edge against him.  He was even more delighted to know that Loki’s a stellar spirit after all!

Loki has dismissed the opponent’s thought of him having joined the Fairy Tail battle and pointed out that he only is compelled because her owner Lucy was in a pinch, the thing which he can never overlook.

He asked Lucy to step aside but the stubborn mage kept insisting it wasn’t her style and she that she never used her spirits as shield but fights with them head-on! Happy kept teasing them and indeed what a cute couple they would make! XD

Loki then summoned the Regulus and instructed Lucy to take the opening as a cue to attack Bixlow and she managed to deliver a blow at his face!  But alas, Bixlow took his mask and a weird face marking showed.  Looking into his eyes would turn one into a doll and control one’s soul!  Figure Eyes and Human Possession!

Lucy couldn’t make use of her keys since Bixlow had it flying off somewhere and Loki then called out his Lion Brillance, sort of a smoke screen to buy time for Lucy to get her defenses up.  Both launched their attack and Loki finished off the braggart Bixlow with the Regulus Impact!

After the fight, Lucy thanked her Stellar Spirit and he showed her a  light of love in return with “I Love Lucy” inscribed on it! And Happy happily continued teasing the two.

Random Babblings…

This, this, is sooo awesome! This is why I like Hiro Mashima’s style best! It’s not all fighting there’s always a mixture of  various feelings and the twists are so not predictable!

Moe! Loki so cool! Damn Lucy, I’ll be very glad to have him as a boyfriend if I were her! Haha!

Love is a victor! ♥


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