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Spoiler: TRC 207 December 8, 2008

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

We are anticipating another chapter on the 10th as per CLAMP’s schedule and so as usual I have found ahead a spoiler for everyone!

I may not grasp the thought exactly as it was meant since it’s in Chinese but at least it goes a little something like this:

Chapter 207: The Embodiment of Evolutions

The clone which purposely was created to collect the feathers in the different worlds currently holds more magic exceeding that of the real Syaoran!


We already knew that the clone had gouged Fai’s eye back in the Tokyo Revelations OVA so he definitely have half his magic.  Was he conceived out of Princess Sakura’s feather too?  I must have forgotten.

The real Syaoran however has Clow Reed’s bloodline running in his veins and the magic he has inherited from both his parents.

On which factor could the other might have an edge over the other?  Both were having strong determination for the sake of the two Sakuras whom they hold intimate feelings for. And that power is more than enough to see through the fight.

Things are getting more intense and I’m all excited to know what’s gonna happen next!


2 Responses to “Spoiler: TRC 207”

  1. ggctuk Says:

    The Clone’s magic grows all the more stronger. As I understand, Fai’s left eye made his magic stronger the more he used it, but his right has the opposite effect… so Fai’s magic would not get so powerful so quickly… C!Syaoran doesn’t have that restriction.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      You have a point. But I really wonder in what aspect could he be stronger than Syaoran. Did he utilized one of Sakura’s feathers while he was on his journey to the other worlds alone? I know I’m jumping into a hazy conclusion but I’m totally clueless. That, unless FWR lent him a portion of his magic.

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