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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 10 December 7, 2008

Looking back…

Kaname revealed that he is the ancestor of the Kurans and Rido came to wake him up from his grave for the purpose acquiring for himself the strength and power brought about by the strongest blood of the Kurans, Kaname’s!

This Episode…

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Protecting Yori

Kaien & Yagari Comedy

Kaname Bids Zero Farewell

Episode 10 : The Overture of Battle ~Prelude~

The sun rays weren’t gentle as it used to towards Yuuki. It’s been hurting her since she has awakened.

Cross Academy is not a peaceful place it was before.  Preparing for the inevitable, the Chairman announced that classes were temporarily cancelled and ordered that none of the students should be allowed to stray from the confines of the building for their safety.

Among the stream of students Yori kept on wondering where Yuki was because she haven’t seen her since. She managed to escape to the dorms but was cornered by Rido’s minions who have started attacking the academy particularly the Day Class students hunting preys for their master.

Just in time, Yuuki and Aidou came to her rescue but the Artemis rejected Yuki and it came flying to the ground. Aidou then finished off the vampires in her stead. Yuki was probably amazed how Yori came to accept her for what she really is.  She worries more about not being able to see her best friend again and she got the Artemis back into Yuki’s holster.

Vampires and Hunters alike came to the academy for Zero and for food but the Night Class people were there to protect them especially the Day Class.  Each of the noble vampires possess distinct powers which were showcased here.  The Chairman and Yagari as well has decided to act accordingly.

Zero has been anticipating the awakening of someone evil and indeed Rido’s slowly came into conscious after Kaname hastened his resurrection. Even Yuuki felt that and has even dreamed of Shizuka giving some sort of a warning.

Ichijou left Shiki alone with a resolve to settle issues of his own and finally Rido has been revived!  Ichiru was the very first person to welcome him back.

Kaname visited Zero in the dungeon where he was being held and bid Zero farewell and that he’s taking Yuuki with him. He said he has allowed him to live not out of pity but for Yuuki’s sake and for that he couldn’t betray her no matter what.

Random Babblings…

Did Shizuka appeared in Yuuki’s dream in the manga? Can’t remember very well.

Well, as I’ve said they too are hastening things out.  Are we running after a deadline here? Probably, there’s only three episodes left for this series so no wonder. *sniff*


3 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 10”

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  2. marianne chong Says:

    Nope, the Shizuka scene was created purely for the anime only.

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