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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 52 December 7, 2008


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I came to love this anime  out of curiosity.  It has been randomly mentioned and recommended in many forums to be really good and it is good!

Little did I know that it has an ongoing manga no wonder I was left hanging at the end of the season.  It opened a whole new perspective in me, came to admire Yuki Kure’s art and even got more attracted to the story. I also came to love the new plot and the new characters too, Kaji…!

So from hereon, I’d be keeping updates of the manga releases and worry not, I’ll have some flashbacks included closer from where the anime left off.  Alright, I’m all set!

This Chapter…

Kaho and Ryou were summoned by Seiso Academy’s Board of Trustees’ Director, Kira and were requested to present  a piece for the upcoming summit.  It would make such a great impact to convey to the Counsel and the PTA  the fact that even students who’re not specializing in music also receive a well-rounded education if they could witness both from the Gen Ed Department who could also play well.

Kaho seemed to be looking forward to it and revealed that she had been working on a piece under Len’s instructions to Tschiura’s disbelief!  It’s kinda rare for him to agree to agree on such setup.

While deciding on what their ensemble would be Hino felt melancholic for a moment remembering how long has it already been after the concours.  She blushingly admitted how she’s overwhelmed to be able to play with Ryou once more.  He gave her his assurance to be always there for her making her happy and fired up to do her best as not to let Tschiura’s accompaniment go down the drain.

It was Ryou’s turn to space out this time remembering what Kaji told him and his feelings for Kaho.   He was at a park then and coincidentally Len’s nearby rehearsing with his violin but was mobbed by little kids who capriciously made him play a piece for them.  Ryou approached him and a conversation started with topics as change of environment and Kaho’s playing.  Suddenly Len revealed he was leaving soon for a study overseas.  He indirectly hinted at Ryou to look after Kaho by telling him his decision.

Hino snapped Ryotarou back to the present.  The next conversations revolved on Hino’s violin playing and how she liked Len’s  and how she’s chasing to be like him.  Ryou was about to reveal Len’s secret but stopped midway.  He told her instead that he isn’t giving it up; concerning music, that’s what Kaho thought but it was actually her whom Tschiura won’t be giving up. Finally, they were able to perform well in the summit and everybody felt elated.

Random Babblings…

One should take differently was what seen in the anime than what’s read in the manga, for me they are two different entities but then direction of the story is towards a single goal. Ah, I mean, the presentation is quite different.  Sorry I must be talking Greek here!

Music appreciation is the vantage the anime has since you’ve got to hear the scores being played rather than just being mentioned in the manga. You could really internalize what a councour is.

The richness of the story however could be attributed to the manga.  Each character were given importance, the plot treated differently and there really is a strong inclination to the ‘violin romance” which the anime hasn’t given much emphasis.  Yeah, yeah as I’ve said another season would be best.


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  2. Jacki Says:

    ah, thank you for this! ^___^

  3. Abby Says:

    do you know where i could read this chapter at? or any other missing ones. because at mangafox.com they are missing a few.

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