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Kobato: Let Me Heal You! December 7, 2008

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Kobato by CLAMP

Taking a short breather coupled with my unmotivated mood yesterday, I finally got to read the manga, finished it in an hour and hell, I was instantly enamored! My curiosity grew each time I see Chibiyuuto’s upcoming CLAMP schedules widget.  Along with Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC, there’s Kobato!  I resolved that one of these days, I’ll definitely have to take a look at it!  Thank goodness, I wasn’t disappointed!

Who is Kobato?

Kobato is a story of a very cute and sweet girl (Hanato Kobato), her naivete and her mission of collecting wounded hearts for a personal cause.  She is often seen with a supernatural being locked in a puppy-like stuffed animal, the hot-tempered Ioryogi, her guide.

Presently serialized in the Newtype monthly magazine, the 2005 released series have already about 3 volumes that were made available and on-going.

Volume 1. Divided into Exams, obviously the chapters were about Kobato’s evaluation of skills to adapt into the human world where she’d be collecting wounded hearts.  But first, she must earn the “flask,” a specialized bottle to contain the fragments of the hearts  she could gather.

Volume 2. Chapters were about her entrance in a nursery run by Sayaka, her encounter with the kids and the ever suspicious Fujimoto.

Volume 3. Divided into Drops, focuses on Kobato’s continued determination to keep the nursery from closing down due to a huge debt.  Fujimoto’s disdain on her gradually turns into concern which ignited her fire to even heal his aching heart.

Crossovers and Reincarnations

Notable crossovers were Touya from Cardcaptor Sakura; xxxHOLiC, the old fortune teller; Chobits except Chitose Mihara and her twins Chiho and Chise were now reincarnations of Chitose Hibiya and her twins Freya and Elda (Chi) and there’s a lot more.

Is there any indication of romance here?

So far, there’s none except for the hints Fujimoto’s actions towards Kobato reveal but that’s just it.  It’s too soon to tell but I really like the idea. They remind me of grown up CCS Sakura and Shaoran and they look kinda similar and with slight character resemblance too.

But there’s just one rule Kobato has to be aware of, she must not let herself fall for a man who’s heart she is healing!  The thwarting effect of which is yet unknown.

In Anime Soon!

I heard somewhere that there already is a pronouncement from CLAMP that Kobato’s going to be in an anime serial soon!  Awesome! ♥

Now, onto the next drop!


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