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Shugo Chara!! Doki [61] December 5, 2008


Astrology, Fortune Telling, Fortune Dream! Amulet Clover cleanse after Lulu’s mess again!

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kiran's Egg

Kiran and Hinako Reunited!

Sparkle, Sparkle!

Episode 61 : Please Notice! Kiran’s Passion!

A girl’s family  seemed to be moving to another location.  An unhatched egg contained in a colorful box had been stuffed at the back of the truck and accidentally was thrown out of it as the truck went crazy for a moment.

Amu and her charas found the egg and brought it to the Royal Garden were the Guardians meticulously inspected it.  But because classes were about to start, the Guardian Charas were tasked to look after it.  They did what they can to entertain the egg and suddenly they dozed off altogether.  Dia!  She came out just a bit and consoled the sparkly egg herself then when the charas came to their senses, Kiran finally showed up!  A sparkly and bubbly new friend!

Amazingly gentle and zesty, Kiran want’s everyone to cheer up and in the process she unexpectedly involved the other charas in her scheme! It even dragged Yoru into it!  They lightened-up a  baby in tantrums, relieved an old lady’s aching back, helped a boy with a sick mother in the household chores and even managed to rescue a cat stucked on a pipeline!  Kiran doesn’t get tired at all but as she helped a man who spilled the oranges in the road she got caught in the box and the guardians came to help her out.  They too  ended up them caught as well as the man had the truck door shut and was brought to a place they don’t know.

Fortunately, they met Eru and Iru who’re having a hard time giving out Utau’s flyers and got scared the people instead.  The guardian charas helped out disguised in a clown outfit with Pepe as the lookout!  Successful at last, they all slumped tired except Kiran not until she felt Hinako’s sadness.  It took out most her energy and was about to vanish.  They looked for the girl who she sensed to be nearby and luckily the most awaited moment has come.  Hinako-chan and Kiran’s reunion!

Hinako did a character change with Kira as she wanted to help out a distressed kid and cheer her out and Kiran was born from that feeling! She ended up making a new friend in that new place she and her family moved in!  The Guardians came to the park where the charas were at Utau’s call.


Yes!  Finally I have been able to watch Shugo Chara!! Doki  live stream at exactly 9:00 am Japan time!

I like Kiran! This is indeed another guardian charas day-out aside from that of Ami’s episode!  It’s kinda refreshing not to see Lulu in here and that’s pretty cool!  I am looking forward to the next episode where Nagi and Rima both were featured! XD


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