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Shugo Chara: Chapter 36 December 4, 2008

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Chapter 37

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Looking back…

The quest to save Ikuto seemed not to be an easy task Amu and the guardians were confronted with a hideous wolf-like beast and Ikuto’s violin has been stuffed with super x-chara energies!  Utau then came to augment!

This Chapter…

Utau showcased her new attack “White Wing” as she came character transformed with Eru while Amu and Tadase moved on assured that both she and Yaya will have to deal with the monster themselves. Iru’s turn came and the Lunatic Charm aimed the butterflies of destruction at the hound.

Yaya added to the monster’s destruction as she let out her duckies now with batting eyelashes!  It was a cue for Utau and switches with Eru’s Seraphic Charm again and purified the monster’s eggs and it turned out to be an ordinary dog!

Kukkai’s name then popped out from nowhere leading Utau to blush.

Meanwhile, Amu and Tadase dashed towards Ikuto’s whereabouts while that Gozen was portrayed to have been monitoring their every moves all this while.

True to its purpose, Ikuto’s violin playing attracted more and more X-eggs and that’s how both Amu and Tadase found him.  It was a shocker that his X-energy powered violin transformed into a scythe!  He began attacking Amu and Tadase meddled with them now with his usual scepter turned into a sword!

Kazuomi was seen enjoying the scene where Ikuto is trying to hurt two of the important people he cared about most while Yoru took the Dumpty Key and handed it to Amu.  Why, but it looked like it would fit the Humpty Lock’s hole perfectly this time!


Could the Humpty Lock be opened?  What would happen next? Will the embryo appear?

Poor Ikuto!  I hope he would come to his senses and fast.  By what exactly? Hmmm…Amu’s kiss perhaps? XD

Curse that Kazuomi!


36 Responses to “Shugo Chara: Chapter 36”

  1. Aquachan Says:

    Me and my friends have been praying for Amu to kiss Ikuto so he’ll come to his senses, haha. It’s looking like Utau’s developing a crush on Kukaii. Yay, it looks like most of the pairings I want could happen.

    Thanks for the summary, I couldn’t find one anywhere else!

  2. Aquachan Says:

    :D Yay! :D

  3. amutorocks Says:

    i wonder if opening the lock will make yoru and amu transform or will amuto come true with a kiss and ikuto snaps out of it and i wonder if ikuto will come back to amu’s house after this i wonder and thanks for the summery you guys rock!

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Amu sure has 5 guardian charas in all and so far we’ve seen 4. Or maybe we’re anticipating the last one to come out? I’ve seen in one of the tankoubon covers the Amu and Yoru chara nari and it’s really cute if it holds true.

      About Ikuto, it’s too soon to tell if he’s gonna get his head straight since the X-energy controlling his violin is quite uncontrollable as of the moment and unless Amu could have another major power up we can hardly expect the old Ikuto back in his normal state.

  4. Aquachan Says:

    Yeah, plus for a whole arc that’d be kinda short. But I dunno, most of my friends are expecting for this to really make amuto ending to the arc. Give it a dew more chapters for Ikuto to get back to his senses, then maybe another chapter or two to get things wrapped up for the arc.

    Hunh, I hadn’t heard about a 5th chara. Although, would it be card themed? Cause I’m pretty sure that diamond, heart, spade, and club, are the only types of cards. Probably not card themed, unless I’m missing something.

  5. I hope amuto doesnt happen DX

  6. Aquachan Says:

    Why not? I love amuto! Plus, it’s getting kinda close to amuto considering the arc.

  7. Katie Says:

    Bad news. One of the Peach-Pit duo (don’t know who yet) is sick with a severe (but not life-threatening) illness! Chapter 37 is being postponed to about a month or so.

    I’m really worried :(.. Hope she gets better!

  8. riza Says:

    can’t wait for the next chapter…..so excited….?

  9. Aquachan Says:

    Aww, I hope she does get better! That’s really too bad, though, considering how anxious people are for the next chapter.

  10. crazytwilghtwildchickobesser Says:

    OMG!!!!! this soo exciting!! i hope Amu ends up with lkuto not Tadase!

  11. Ieakru-kun Says:

    omg…it geting so good^^ amuto rlly needs to happin. i so want them togather, and they rlly need to kiss each other so tadasa will leave amu alone DX

  12. Lovely Amu Says:

    I am so excited..I hope Amu ends up with Ikuto…I am thinking she might kiss him and than his heart will purify..something like that..x.x;
    I can’t handle all the excitement..Amuto forever!!!^_^

  13. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hehe, that’d be interesting! XD

  14. Ieakru-kun Says:

    i agree amuto 4eva

  15. Cindy Says:


  16. Sora-chan Says:

    I cant w8 til 37… Someone heard more about Peach-pit? how she is doing! I hope she’ll get better soon!
    Amuto 4 ever!

  17. Fairchild_13 Says:

    We haven’t had an info lately Sora-chan. I hope she’ll get better soon!

    Cheers to Amuto! XD

  18. Ieakru-kun Says:

    ya i rlly hope she gets better its nothing rly bad right


  19. Amuto-lover Says:

    i hope peach-pit feels better…and i really hope AMUTO happenes…but it looks like it wil…and also i agree with lovely amu and its like inuyasha movie 2..lol….cant wiat till febuary for the chapter..=)

  20. Ieakru-kun Says:

    we all go 4 Amuto…right??

  21. Catgirl-Lon Says:

    Thank you for the summary. ^^

    Looks like the manga is reaching it’s end. At least I hope so. I’m started to get tired of all the internet wars and pointless discussions about Shugo Chara that only lead to hurt fans.

    I do love Shugo Chara but right now all I want is my Amuto ending. ^^

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      NPs Catgirl-Lon!

      That’s right… it should be each to his/her own and not imposing anything on others… but it’s just the way it is, sadly. :(

      Yay! Another Amuto-shipper! XD

  22. Catgirl-Lon Says:

    Yes, it’s a shame. Not to mention a lot of anime fans are starting to hate Shugo Chara because of it…

    Yup, we are slowly taking over the world. XD

  23. Aqua-chan Says:

    HORRAY! I head chapter 37 is to be released February 3rd, since P-Pit is now out of the hospital!

  24. Ieakru-kun Says:

    i am happy that peach-pit is feeling better^^
    so when will the chap get summerized?


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