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Fairy Tail : Chapter 114 December 3, 2008

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Looking back…

Luxus had launched a magical lightning powered Thunder Lachrymas! A grave threat not only to those that are within Fairy Tail as it reflects back any magical attack aimed at it but also to the innocent people of Magnolia as well!

Levi semed to have an idea to counter the spell embodying Fried’s barriers and hopefully might be able to do something to let Natsu and Gazille pass through.

This Chapter…

Fairy tail is currently surrounded by by Luxus’ lachrymas which means counter attacks should be well-planned to avoid ending up like Visca.  Master Makarov fell down ill at a time like this!

Meanwhile, Levi is portrayed to be rummaging through mountains of books containing spells to figure out what appropriate spell to use. Funny but Erza barged into then men’s public bath in search for the runaway Evergreen!

Luxus ordered Fried to irradicate the likes of Cana and the gang for he need them not in his new Fairy Tail and he can’t go against him and even vowed to accompany him even in hell! Stupid Fried!

And Bixlow is taking on Lucy! It’s good to see her back in action.  She summoned Sagittarius to help her deal with the enemy but Bixlow’s just too strong for her with his capability to manipulate things.  Lucy would have been badly wounded at Bixlow’s last blow if not for somebody who covered for her.  It’s Loki!

Random Babblings…

Gyaah! Loki the Leo is back! In the earlier chapters I liked Loki’s arc.  It was so emotional and Lucy acted really cool back then.  He looked handsomer here right? Haha, uhm, sorry ’bout that!

I really like his line “I suppose this is just proof that the barrier between human and spirit crumbles to nothing before the power of our love.”

Haha,  no wonder why he was labeled the top ranking mage one would have to be as boyfriend!  Fangirling am I? Nah, I just missed him that’s all and among Lucy’s contracted stellar spirits, he’s the only one capable of coming out having been summoned or not.  So cool! Ah that reminds me, he vowed to be serving Lucy, abandoned his old flirtatious way and had set his eyes only for Lucy and he is a self-proclaimed knight in shinning armor of Lucy’s!

This was one of the coolest chapters so far, so funny and action packed.  Lucy here proved herself useful for once and that’s a great development.


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  1. Glad Bee Says:

    Great,thanks! keep the good job you doing here!

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