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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 9 December 1, 2008


Yuuki fed on blood for the first time! Not just from some cheap punk vampire but on Kaname-sama’s! Sweet!

But wait, what the hell is wrong with Zero aiming the Bloody Rose at Yuuki like that?

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 9 : Revival of the Mad King ~Emperor~

Despite of the recent occurrence which led to the revelation of what Yuuki’s true nature is, still she decided to go and see Zero in his room only to be be driven away by Zero’s snide and threatening remarks.  She admitted that she no longer is the Yuuki he knew as her vampire side had already eaten her human side, came rushing out of the building to Aidou and Kain’s surprise and barefoot!

Aidou was left no choice but to run after her with a pair of step-ins Ruka had brought for her.  Funny that he turned instantly blue thinking Kaname would kill him as Yuuki seemed to hurt her foot. The pureblood princess was in her old self again joking at the spoiled brat noble and then seen shedding tears the next.

Meanwhile, Kaname headed to where Rido’s coffin is and found Ichiru on watch.  He denied him access at first but given the ability of the purebloods to instill obedience, he opened the casket for him. Then Kaname told him about the tale of the  Hunter’s Cursed Twins and commented on how lucky for Ichiru to have survived.

Ichijou came in with the unconscious Shiki and tried to stop him as he took Ichiru’s sword and plunged it into his hand atop Rido’s body. Kaname has just infused his own blood into Rido’s corpse, the strongest blood among the Kurans with Takuma in the room feeling helpless but can only watch but he did make his move in the end.

In between the scenes were flashbacks of the fight Rido had with Haruka back then showing how guile Rido had been bringing a hunter’s weapon in battle.  Kaname witnessed the end of his father in his arms and enraged, he tried to stab the perpetrator but was stopped at his tracks.  He just couldn’t kill Rido yet for some reason! He instead shattered his body into thousands of pieces considering Yuuki’s welfare.

Ah, and there goes the hateful Hunter’s Association president and Ichiou of the Vampire Council talking about how Zero’s no longer a threat as he issued a cease and decease order for the human turned vampire.  But before that, Yagari came back to the Academy with the order and Zero submitted himself in willingly, ended locked up in a cellar dealing with the truth that the two pureblood’s blood now lives within him.  Kaien was so cool!

Random Babblings…

OMG! I’m in a daze right now! I’ve just found the link to TV Tokyo’s live streams! I’m so happy!

Here’s the unlinked link: mms://waryas.ath.cx/tvtokyo

I think the anime’s rushing things a bit?


10 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 9”

  1. […] unknown . Excerpt: Sweet! But wait, what the hell is wrong with Zero aiming the Bloody Rose at Yuuki like that? This Episode… —. The Vampire Among the Vampires! The Vampire among the Vampires! Episode 9 : Revival of the Mad King ~Emperor~ … […]

  2. disentranced Says:

    can’t wait! :)

  3. vampireyuuki1 Says:

    what time will it be out on monday the 1st ?

  4. v Says:

    i clicked the picture! but it required a user name and password so sadly i couldnt watch it. :(

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Sorry I just found the link to TV tokyo’s live stream. It worked for me. I used Windows Media Player. It didn’t require me a PW. Really!

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I think I figured out what’s the problem with the PW thing. When posted as a link it automatically substitutes mms:// with http://. Try reverting to mms:// and it’ll work!


    Here’s a screenshot: https://fairchildonrage.wordpress.com/files/2008/12/tv-tokyo-screenshot.jpg

  7. baby Says:

    Gah! There should be some fights between kaname vamps and rido vamps at sun lodge right? Yuki’s supposed to exhibit some powers? 4 more episodes!!! Can’t wait! Will there be season 3?

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yuuki’s totally immobile in this episode. :( She’s with Aidou. Yeah, it’s gonna be over soon and let’s hope for a season 3!

  9. daphne Says:

    hello can some one tell me where I can watch vampire knight guilty ep 9 raw??? ore how late it will be on tv tokyo. the site where it would be set on is not there any more it would be posted on 1 dec please help

    sorry for my english i am from the netherlands

    kind regards.

  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hi Daphne, raws are already out. xD

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