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Shugo Chara!! Doki [60] November 29, 2008


Utau is having a concert but since she no longer is connected with Easter her career had fallen big time back to scratch!  Eru asked Amu and the other guardians help, filled the small auditorium with people making Utau’s golden voice re-discovered once again!  Ikuto came briefly and wounded to the concert to Amu and Utau’s delight but with his condition unknown.

This Episode…

– – –

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 60: When You Confess, it’s Your Lucky Day!

– – –

At breakfast, Amu and her family were watching television where fortune forecast is being shown.  Amu might get lucky in love today to the horror of her father!

At Seiyo, Amu’s classmate Kuyomi (?) was portrayed to be having an expertise in foretelling luck through the Zodiac and most of the female classmates flocked around her to have a reading themselves.  Amu had Rima lined up to have her luck predicted but she only would agree if Amu should come first.

Koyumi (?) met Lulu along the way and asked that she predict her fortune that day but it seemed nothing good could happen to her today just like the forecast on the television earlier.  She dismissed the poor girl’s readings and instilled doubt on her as to the accuracy of her forecasts.

The following day, a classmate asked for her fortune to be read and ended up confessing to Tadase. Amu and Kuyomi (?) were sneaking behind the bushes to see what’s gonna happen and when Tadase graciously declined her confession, Kuyomi (?) started to run away thinking her predictions were actually false!

Then appeared Lulu and again, she made Koyumi’s (?) confused self transform into Fortune Dream.  She created chaos by causing misfortune for everyone she could spot.  Su character changed with Amu showing a powered up Honey Bubbles, erased whatever Fortune Dream has caused and eventually purified her classmates’ egg.

When everything was back to normal, the classmate who had the confession with Tadase earlier thanked Kuyomi (?) unaffected by the rejection to her relief.

Random Babblings…

Amu’s having a bad luck!  Nobody did confessed to her after all!  I thought I’d see Ikuto and Tadase confess to her but nada!  That would come later for sure! :)

Nothing’s really interesting this episode. No Ikuto, no fun! XD


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