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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 46 November 28, 2008

Chapter 46

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Looking back…

Soah learned Mui’s secret the hard way…he is no other but the cold and vicious Habaek!   But in truth, it was the Emperor afterall, disguised as the Water God who plans on using Soah as an ace against Habaek… as she is the deity’s favored one.

This Chapter…

Off to the Emperor’s country Habaek and Nakbin went and the host was delighted as the news of their arrival reached him.

Drawn in an intricately designed carriage driven by two enormous dragons (probably Habaek’s) they were greeted by a lady called Chun-whoo who introduced herself as their guide.

Random Babblings…

Now, there are a lot of new faces to watch out for in this volume and if you’ve noticed, this Chun-whoo girl is an example.  There’ll be more in the later chapters.  Who is Chun-whoo?  Na-i-sho! :P Let’s find out together but I tell you she plays a significant role in Habaek’s life.

More secrets will be unveiled considering most of the characters’ past , Habaek’s, Nakbin’s and Chun-whoo’s.  I wonder where does the Emperor’s participation fall on these. Speaking of which, the Emperor sure is good looking but he has been drawn only side views! :(   And remember Tae El Jin’s riddle to Soah?  What happened to Habaek’s other wives? Sure you do have a clue! XD

I’ve spoiled enough! :)


13 Responses to “Bride of the Water God: Chapter 46”

  1. kay Says:

    hi, i think ive seen all of volume 7 bu these were the raw scans and i dont understnd korean..can you tell me what hapend in the story thanks…

  2. Aki Says:

    Hey, thanks for the summaries. XD I do appreciate it.

    Hahaha, I really don’t remember what Ta el jin’s riddle to Soah. Please refresh my memory. ;;

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @Aki. Remember the first time Soah got lost in the Water Country? She came to a ruined building where she met TEJ and it came as a riddle to me when he said something like “wonder what happened to Habaek’s other brides?” then Soah came asking Mura about it but she she said not to believe in him. :)

  3. kay Says:

    no problem..
    nwy what do you think hapend his other brides?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Alrighty, Habaek has a bride before Nakbin came and she was attached to him deeply that even the deity was cheating on her, she pretended not to know but sooner she realized her rightful place was taken over by that Nakbin and woke up having sent back in the human world. ~.~

  4. kay Says:

    wow, howd you know that?
    nwy hv u seen the other chpters and do you understnd korean?

  5. kay Says:

    and thnk u for answering my questions

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Unless I use the translator I can at least decipher what Korean characters mean. :) But I’ve got a Korean friend we found a chapter over the torrent, she retold me the story and that’s how I knew at least what’s going to happen. I had asked her to transcribe the texts but she hadn’t return the prints yet so I’m still patiently waiting for those so I can have the rest of the chapters posted here. ^^

  6. Aki Says:

    So that last woman in the carriage was the wife before Nakbin? D;

    Man, this story is getting akslaklsasl. )”:

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