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Fairy Tail: Chapter 113 November 26, 2008

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Click here to read!

Looking back…

Erza went victorious in her match against Evergreen.  The petrified ladies broke free from the spell much to Makarov’s advantage.  The numbers and the table have turned with Luxus and the two remaining of Raijinshuu to deal with them.  Does this spell defeat for Luxus?

This Chapter…

Luxus couldn’t believe Evergreen was defeated.  But it seems that this man doesn’t know when to give up!

Silly Natsu wanted a Fairy Tail Battle round 2 and even challenged the girls for a fight!

Instating another rule, Luxus surrounded the guild with display boards and activated the Hall of Thunder!  The battle must conclude in 1 hour and 10 minutes but hell that he’s using the townspeople as shield!

Thunder Lachrymas were seen floating about powered with vast amount of magical lightning that when discharged were capable of engulfing the whole town with thunder strikes!  The terrible thing is any attack made to those is just the same as attacking yourself.  It bounces back any advances made!

Levi would probably prove herself useful this time with her capacity to undo the enchantments that Natsu and the others could pass through the invisible kekkais.


There’s not much action here and we still haven’t seen Mistgun. Is he gonna be completely useless?  Then why had he returned to the guild in the first place?

I’d like to see Erza one more time up against Justin but I guess somebody might do that now.  Gazille could take on Bixlow or Natsu could go against Fried, that’d be cool.  Lastly, I think it probably would be Luxus and Makarov since they are the root of all these crazy fights.


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