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Seen the Holic Fanbook Yet? November 25, 2008

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Take a peek here!

I just did!

Scouring the web for HOLiC 170 so far turned out really frustrating since I can’t find any till now. :((

However, I came across this site with the Official xxxHOLiC Fanbook scans on it. I doubt if it’s all there is to it since I suppose there are missing pages and the image on the left meant to be the cover of the said publication.

Another old news, if you put it, but many millions of HOLiC fans, me included would want to have even a glimpse of it too and it seems that site has the only comprehensive scans on it, the best I could find.

The fanbook was made available in 2005 but it is already 2008 and I haven’t had my hands on it! Honestly, I didn’t know there was one out! Geeez!

I am currently waiting patiently  for my VK fanbook to arrive (couldn’t resist am I? XD) which hopefully could writhe free from the succeeding holidays Japan is having.  I learned from my shipper that they did celebrate the Kinro Kansha No Hi, a thanksgiving sort of, and a celebration for kids of certain ages,  so I figured it out and conclude it has something to do with the HOLiC delay.

So far, I’ve skimmed on the pages and I found it very interesting.  Lot’s of features and mostly colored but not too colorful pages but judging from the contents, it so rocks!  I suppose it contains vastly what we need to know about xxxHOLiC.

This is so gonna be my next project!  XD


11 Responses to “Seen the Holic Fanbook Yet?”

  1. Quinn Says:

    Fairchild you rock! I can’t imagine how many sites you had to search to find this. So,thanks for all the hard work. ^ ^

    It was interesting to see the voice actors identified with their characters but, It ticks me off to see TRC shown in a Holic fan book.>.<

    Of the merchandise pictured I would love to buy the mokona coffee cups. They are to cute. <3

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah,thanks! But maybe we can’t do away with TRC considering the cross-over stuff.

    Btw, another friend Aquitaine told me she likes your Avatar! ^^

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I agree the Mokonas are cool too. I’m planning to get them soon for collection. XD

  4. Quinn Says:

    Please tell Aquitaine thanks.

    Okay Fairchild fess up ^_^ where will you be buying those Mokona mugs? Do you have someone in Japan buy them and send them to you or do you know of a store in the US.

    I know of GK World but it didn’t have a lot of Holic stuff last time I was there.

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Okay, I will! ^^

    I haven’t looked yet but there maybe some sellers at either Ebay and Amazon. I usually buy stuff at these two sites. I have a friend called Celaith from Singapore and she sells lots of anime goodies and the Reiku from Japan whom I have just bought my VK fanbook. Haven’t checked if they have Holic stuff too.

    I’ll keep you posted if I could find cheaper ones. ^o^

  6. Quinn Says:

    Your an Angel and thanks!

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    With fangs however! XD

  8. Quinn Says:

    LOL. I just pictured Rosario vampire.

  9. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Haha. Have you opened your email yet? I sent you links on the Mokonas! :) Btw, Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Quinn Says:

    I hope you enjoyed your turkey and all the trimmings. =)

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