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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 170 November 24, 2008

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Looking back…

Watanuki found his way to Doumeki’s temple troubled by his cooking client. He made it to the point to let the client understand the fact that whatever the heart has forgotten, the body sure does remember.

This Chapter…

Yuuko was caught up on a phone conversation with the old diviner from before where she’d brought Watanuki.  She called looking for him to convey that she was mistaken the last time she read his fortune.  And that his parents were still alive in another world though they might have gone from this world, expecting and waiting for their children to return! Oh joy! ♥

However, Yuuko told her that she sent out Watanuki on a mission to teach him a lesson.  And the old diviner thought of her being unable to reach him is an indication that it isn’t time yet for him to know. She then invited them to come over at her house again for a taste of Watanuki’s cooking.

After hanging up the phone, Yuuko spoke to herself.  Everything will come to an end the next time Watanuki visits her!

And after she was done, the meeting with Haruka for the first time occurred.  Haruka predicted that the time must be nearing for them to be able to see each other like that. And hopes that the butterfly’s dream will be realized by then.

Random Babblings…

After a long time waiting, Holic 170 is finally here!

I have at least parsed on the translations on my other post [Spoilers] so kindly read those there.

You’ve probably read the spoilers here first and we have been discussing about this for what seemed like ages and now, I really am speechless that it’s here!

Ah, it’s totally a different thing when the texts were translated from Chinese.  It may sometimes denote a different meaning to what actually a word’s suppose to mean in Japanese. Geez, whatever!  At least we all tried back then! XD

CCS Sakura and Shaoran were alive! <3 And I knew it, that cooking thing with that mystery-lady-of-disgust indeed has a deeper meaning implicated to Watanuki.  Then what could it be?

The “end” is really near… Looking forward to the next chapter!


40 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Chapter 170”

  1. Quinn Says:

    Thanks for hunting down the Holic goodness. (^_^)v

    Ok, I didn’t last and checked out the spoiler. *U* I wonder if Yuko and the Diviner are talking about Watanuki and with the faces they have on it doesn’t look good. I also wonder what Haruka & Yuko are planning?

    I hope the scanlation is posted by Wed. *fingers crossed*

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I hope so the waiting is taking toll on me now. Most of the mags like Lala is officially to be distributed today though it was published 22nd and Young’s mag where our Holic is hopefully would be in the same case.

  3. m Says:

    Thanks for the post.

    Yeah, was wondering if Yuuko-san was just asking the diviner how Kohane-chan is doing or if there’s more to it. It’s strange how Yuuko-san always knows what Watanuki-kun have said/done. Also wondering about the discussion between Haruka-san and Yuuko-san (curious whose dream was that – as in who met who?!). Can’t wait for the scanlations!

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I wonder if the succeding holidays in Japan are over? That probably was the reason for the delay but Ouran is already up on the Chinese sites and scanlated I abd hope Holic will be soon too.

    Can’t wait either…there’s still no luck for me hunting for the raws. All I could get are forums and posts similar to what was in the spoilers. Sigh! ^^;

  5. Quinn Says:

    Thanks for trying Fairchild. We will just have to be patient. ;)

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Right, that’s the best thing to do for now… :)

  7. Quinn Says:

    I know I said to be patient but, it’s weird that there is mention of chapter 170 even at Franky House. Is it possible that someone leaked an advance scan that wasn’t supposed to be released until Dec.?

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    That is a possibility too. But even Hakushensha, the publisher of Young’s mag (http://www.hakusensha.co.jp/index.shtml) had the same schedule of release but why December? Are they going to give way to Thanksgiving too?

    It was the 24th when talks of Holic170 flooded (just an exaggz) some Japanese blogs and forums but no scans. What the hell’s happening? Haven’t checked FH for a while…

  9. Quinn Says:

    I’m stumped too.>.< On the link for the spoiler pic there is a date listed further down the page of 12/15 could that be the release date for Holic?

  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Maybe that’s for the next Holic release is it not? 12/15 is such a long wait if that’s the case. :((

  11. m Says:

    Well, I really do hope not.

    Btw, does anyone know what happened to Doumeki’s folks? There’s always talk about Haruka-san and that’s about it. Any insight?

  12. Fairchild_13 Says:

    M, I haven’t met a single chapter which even mentioned Doumeki’s parents so far. It’s always Haruka, his deceased grandfather.

    What I’m wondering is his connection to all this and especially now that he has shown himself to Yuuko. All spirits should have gone to rest but why does he keep on coming in Watanuki’s dream.

    Aside from the fact that he has the ability to ward off spirits and undo spells, does he possess any power which could be of use in the forthcoming “end” of the the tale?

  13. m Says:

    Good point! Yeah, I’m aware… just speculating. :) I’ve only just read your spoiler, so… still trying to grasp the new chapter.

    True, also the significance of the egg and Doumeki’s impending quest to save Watanuki. He have always saved his skin, but what makes this “end” so difficult that Yuuko and Kohane have to urge him is still a mystery. Hmmm…

    I’m currently trying to catch up on everything (I’m new). So far, I’m trying to catch up on CCS but they’ve taken most of it down. Still in the dark but TRC have been a great help!

    The wait is really killing!

  14. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah i agree, would it be that gruesome and heartbreaking end? But I hope not.

    CCS have been taken down from most on-line manga reading sites but I found this – – > http://www.rootmanga.com/viewer.php?mname=Cardcaptor%20Sakura

  15. m Says:

    Thanks for the link. It’s awesome! :)

  16. Quinn Says:

    @Fairchild & m: Holic has mentioned Doumeki’s family before because the shrine is run by them. His parents were never named but I always took it for granted that his parents were alive and worked at the shrine.

    I would say that whatever Yuko sees in the future that requires the dead egg is something that Watanuki would scarifice himself for. Like with the spirit that kept making him sick, even though he knew, he still went back to see her. Because she made him feel needed.I know he wants to stay in this world but I could easily see him going back to his old habits esp. if it would benefit someone he care about.

    I think Haruka is important because he can travel thru dreams. Since Watanuki had narcolepsy for several chapters maybe the end game has him falling into a coma like sleep.

    Doumeki is VERY important to the story both with the egg and also due to Haruka looking like D. H even said to W after he landed in limbo after the fall out the window. That if he hadn’t still looked like D he wouldn’t have been able to save him.

  17. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I agree that they weren’t named, D’s parents and you’re right they seemed to be alive.

    About Haruka looking like D, I must have missed that part. :(

  18. m Says:

    Hi Quinn, good insight!

    However, it looks as if like D is living alone – have not seen anyone in the temple so far, not even a temple worker! D never mentioned his folks (to my knowledge). Odd isn’t it?!

    Do you think the final will merge with TRC? Cause I was thinking who else is closer to W (to die for) than Sakura or Syaoran? Hmmm…

  19. Quinn Says:

    Hi,fairchild. I got your e-mail.Thanks for the links. I swear I have seen those mokona slippers somewhere. I plan to buy me a pair in the future. And if your friend would be interested in selling the mokona mugs put me down for one Black Mokona mug.*U*

    In regards to DxH check out chapter 117 page 11. That is the scene dealing with W in the otherworld.There is another chapter that mentions how alike they are when I re-read Holic I will post the chapter and page.

    Hi,m. Your right, no one is ever seen at the temple. Which is weird I know,but I am sure that one of the chapters mentioned it was family owned. I always assumed D’s parents were alive but they have never been mentioned (like you pointed out) only his granpa. I wonder if that will be addressed in later chaps?

    I am not sure of a crossover but definitely they will re-use a scene from TRC. For example when it was revealed that W is S. You saw it first in TRC then the page with W hanging in mid-air was used in Holic.I can think of four others who he would sacrifice himself for;Doumeki,Yuko,Kohane,and Himawari.

  20. Fairchild_13 Says:

    @ Quinn. Yup. Those sleepers are really cute! :3 And for everyone else wondering what we’re talking about see this: http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/enforever/mfs_0014.jpg

    I want those Mokona mugs! I hope they’re available but what about this tea set? http://www.movic.jp/uploadimages/item3244_1.jpg They’re gorgeous too right?

    Bout the Holic chapters, please do. It good to find out.

    @M. I hope Watanuki won’t die or anyone of them. :(( But I think, the butterfly is something that holds really a significance to the Holic and mostly it refers to Yuuko as it is her symbol. Her wish only Watanuki could grant and considering your theory of whom W might shell out his life for, probably its Yuuko.

  21. […] xxxholic 170 OMG XXXHOLIC 170 is out. see here.xxxHOLiC: Chapter 170 Fairchild’s Raging Domain […]

  22. m Says:

    Ah… Chapter 170 is so vague…

  23. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yes, leave that to Haruka’s metaphoric sense! But we’re so sure now that Watanuki’s parents were alive! XD

  24. Quinn Says:

    That tea set is cute, but it seems so tiny, more like an espresso cup.

    I still don’t think W & S’s parents are alive. They have been seen in both the manga & anime with blood running down their arms. Maybe they are waiting in limbo/afterlife to greet BOTH of the boys.

    And m was completely on point; this has been another cliff hanger chap that can be classified as vague to the 10x. Now we have to wait until Dec. 15 but at least the mangaka’s tossed in color pages. *u*

  25. Fairchild_13 Says:

    But what are Yuuko and the fortune teller would like to imply if they weren’t. Maybe the other world is of the dead? And they’re both waiting for W & S to die and come to them? Oh no, that’d be horrible! :((

    Honestly, I’m one sided right now, was so happy and I can’t think of anything else than them being alive. But I agree that there’s nothing certain yet as to which world could that be. Could it be with the living or the dead? *sigh*

  26. Quinn Says:

    I think that’s what makes Holic Great though! Just by reading that chapter you were 100% postive that the parents were alive while I think they’re dead.

    It also doesn’t hurt that every chapter basically leaves you with more questions than answers. ^ ^

  27. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Absolutely, it is when you think you’ve solved a puzzle yet the answer is leading to another mystery. How clever CLAMP is! ;)

  28. m Says:

    Honestly, it’s getting more and more confusing after catching up with Holic, TRC and CCS. Quite mind boggling!

    Quinn, I first thought that W&Syn’s folks were dead too (blood strewn hands when he fell). It really couldn’t be W’s imagination else H wouldn’t stop him. Anyway it’s best W doesn’t know their existence as his memories are gone, well at least not yet.

    Fairchild, if their folks is waiting for them in deadman’s land, you’re right, that’s kinda depressing. Lol!

    Funny how the “cooking arc” is left dangling. Wonder if W continues to teach the girl. Looking forward to more coloured pages as well! Hopefully no delays for release this time. :)

  29. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah M, you’re right. TRC would want to imply Watanuki is Syaoran’s other self and then Holic is dismissing the idea and is telling that W is the original and that Syaoran’s kinda the one that’s made up! Which theory is it really? What do you think?

    Yey, colored pages! (Delayed reaction much!) hahah XD

  30. m Says:

    Well Fairchild:

    1. In CCS (manga), CR split his soul in 2 whereas in Holic & TRC he was mentioned like a deceased. I believe CR had the power to live a long life just like Y and Eriol’s child-like state, but I won’t be surprised if he suddenly pop’s out in TRC or Holic.

    2. As you’ve mentioned, TRC implied that W&Syn are actually the same person (confession to Yue&K in the latter chapters), but Y is protecting W by teaching him to “want to live” and being his own individual. So seriously, there’s 2 Syns (clone had part of his heart/soul), so… what about W?

    Also, it still beats me in Holic chapter 142, whose webbed hand was it that took W’s strawberry sherbet?! Sigh. Being in suspense can be kinda confusing! Hahah!

  31. Sarah Says:

    i wonder if that cooking lady has something to do with watunaki’s future

  32. Fairchild_13 Says:

    @ M. Actually I do believe Clow is actually deceased, the body maybe but not the soul. Both Fujitaka and Eriol were our concrete evidence. So there might be a possibility CLAMP would claim him alive and show his face when the tales are nearing their end.

    About the 2 Syaorans, you’re right about the clones and I still don’t get the connection between S & W though it was said that they are the same. Still…

    @ Sarah. I guess when Yuuko told the diviner that she sent Watanuki out for she wanted him to know something, it might mean that the lady no matter how disgusting her arc is would have something to do with Watanuki’s future.

    She might not directly cause it but the encounter with her will teach Watanuki a lesson so he may brace himself for whatever the future holds for him particularly that the end is nearing. The question is, what lesson would that be?

  33. Quinn Says:

    @Fairchild—I think you have nailed it and there will be a lesson learned from “the everything is disgusting” women. Maybe self acceptence? I still don’t see how this is connected with anything that has happened and there is a LONG wait until the dots may even be connected.

    Regarding WxS I thought that was explained pretty clearly. Because Sayoran turned back time there was an empty space for what should have been his life and to fill it Watanuki had to be created.

    @m—once again CLAMP leaves a HUGE question unanswered. When I read TRC I thought that webbed hand belonged to that reality but I don’t think there was any person/being that matched it. Could it be related to the dream world? Maybe there are various webbed beings waiting there for strawberry sorbet? ^ ^

  34. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Haha! The strawberry sorbet huh? You got me there Quinn-chan! I couldn’t imagine scary things that have a good eye on something yummy like that! XD

  35. m Says:

    @Quinn – Lol! I guess they didn’t know that W doesn’t eat flowers… Tanpopo probably… Perhaps they’re good for tea?!

    @Fairchild – Any clues to the next issue? ;) I know there’s like half a month to go. Gosh! Long wait.

    @Sarah – I don’t really think the lady have anything to do with W’s future but I do agree with Fairchild that it’s a passing lesson/realization for W. Ah well, just a guess. Clamp’s twisty and tricksy that way, don’t you think?

  36. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I haven’t started looking yet. Sure it’s gonna be a long wait again but I’ll make sure to post whatever juicy detail I could snoop around! XD

  37. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I haven’t started looking yet. Sure it’s gonna be a long wait again but I’ll make sure to post whatever juicy detail I could snoop around! XD

  38. Quinn Says:

    You just spammed yourself. *U~

    I doubt you will find anything until Dec. 11/12 but appreciate you looking. =)

  39. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Most likely! XD But it’s worth trying!

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