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Chan-chan Goes Anime Festival Asia! November 23, 2008

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Rozen Maiden Dolls @ the AFA 2008. Credits to Chan-chan (Chan-Chan's Anime Blog)

I just couldn’t resist not to share this adorable Rozen Maiden Dolls featured in the AFA 2008 on the 22nd.  A friend Chan-chan relives her experience (to the envy of me XD) and put up photos she took from the event.

How I wish I was there too but worry not, allow Chan-chan to take us there.  Click on the pic to Chan-chan’s post!

Drop her a thank you if you could.  She has been very generous to let me use her pic and let it be shared to everyone else!

Hugs and Thank Yous Chan-chan!  You rock!! *–*


4 Responses to “Chan-chan Goes Anime Festival Asia!”

  1. Quinn Says:

    I checked out her site, thanx for the link. I LOVED the photo of Renji and chibi Byakuya. That was to cute. ^ ^

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Very cute indeed! XD

  3. Chan-chan Says:

    It’s my pleasure ^^

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Thank you Chan-chan! XD

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