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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 29 [Fin] November 23, 2008

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Looking back…

Akira did the last gig with the Blaue Rosen Band before he revealed his real identity to everyone’s shock!

This Chapter…

The girl band contest is coming up but without Akira the Blaue Rosen band had been crippled.  Ai frets about the current situation and blames Mizuki for dragging the band into her personal issues with Akira.

Meanwhile, Ran and Rui were really positive and happy at the same time with the things going on since there is a big chance for the gender bender couple to break up.

Akira realized that he couldn’t force out Mizuki’s feelings towards him but he’s determined to do something to make her.  Bring out the Dark Mizuki!  The solution?  Kitty ears, hey!

The contest came but Mizuki’s band hasn’t found a vocalist so she volunteered to do the same.  Akira stoped her and once again took his rightful place.  The fans didn’t mind him for being a guy?  Well, it seemed like it.  In here, Akira told her “Don’t Sing About Love, Love Me” ~ Ai wo Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!

After the performance, Ai threw them into the waiting room and the kitty ears worked like charm.  Finally, Mizuki said she love him and that’s all there is to it.  The next day, she was on cloud 9 but she couldn’t remember what she did to Akira leaving him out limping and withered like a veggie!

The End.

Random Babblings…

Yey!  We’re done!  But hey, there’s still a part two!  Hmm… to Beep or not to Beep? Um, Blog I mean.  What do you guys think?  I guess I’ve already seen some chapters up in the second serial but…convince me! XD


9 Responses to “Blaue Rosen: Chapter 29 [Fin]”

  1. elvadrieng Says:

    ah! I want to read Blaue Rosen but the website is malicious according to my virus scanner. Is there any other website?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hi Elvadrieng! I guess aside from the popups there’s nothing wrong with that site and I guess all Chinese manhua sites are the same, I’ve been through many of them but mine hadn’t detected one and firefox should have given a warning already. The scanlations are slowly inching forward and it could be found at Mangafox…way too behind.

  2. I love Blaue Rosen Says:

    Hey i saw that the second part has comed , i saw chapter one i chinese but i can’t translated , if you want i can give you the site and you could make not only summaries but the hole manga in english :P you could be the first . At least can you give us the summeri for chapter 1 second part at least ?

  3. a great fan Says:

    please blog about the sequel of blaeu rosen! the “ai ore” ! your blog helped me so much to understand the manga better. thank you so much for your hardwork! ^_^ *bow*

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Wow, thank you for the love! I think I may come to that but I’m still looking for the right resources right now. Please do look out for it on my new site @ fairchild.senakunes.com. I’ll see what I can! ^___^

  4. a great fan Says:

    ok! ill check your new site. it looks very interesting too! :) im ella by the way. the next time i made a comment, i will use that name. ^_^

  5. excelsis Says:

    thank you for your many summaries!!!! they’re a big help!

    you rock \m/(>.<)\m/

  6. dark_Angelic Says:

    i like this manga, i think that story will be the best, but this manga never been released in indonesian…,hiks, (i don’t know why…)

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