Fairchild’s Raging Domain

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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 28 November 23, 2008

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Looking back…

Mizuki and Akira’s relationship is on the rocks.  Mizuki’s father arranged her into match-making.  What would Mizuki do when she couldn’t introduce that boy in a girl’s clothing as his boyfriend?!

This Chapter…

Right after the mock exams, Akira was surprised to see Yume waiting for him outside the campus. She told of the news about how Mizuki consented the match-making meet. Upon hearing the thing, he rushed into the XX Hotel where the meeting should be taking place.

Mizuki in her yukata looked really feminine and but it seemed like she has just lined up herself in the death row.  Of all people to her surprise, the young man they all were expecting to be her future partner is no other than Speccie himself! Ran Nikaido!

Just when the match-making came into formality, Akira appeared dressed in a chambermaid’s clothing bringing some refreshments!  Mizuki’s mom recognized him, er, her right away as Yume’s friend who had slept over at their house.

He pretended not to see Ran and spilled a drink on him, revealed what really Ran is and voila his true color showed to the dismay of both sides.  At the mention of the “beeps” the matching-making was called-off.

Ran really liked Mizuki but not as much as he liked Akira and the lady doesn’t feel any spark emanating from his hugs and sweet nothings whispered, so Akira still has the last laugh.

Ran revealed that when he heard it was Mizuki who will be thrown into the match-making, he was willing to use his father’s authority to have her but they weren’t really that compatible. Poor Ran, blame his twisted mind… and he’s really accident prone that day!

Blaue Rosen’s gig came after and there and then Akira revealed to the audience that he is no girl but a guy!


I’d rather be glad if it was Ran and Mizuki or that guy from before, the boxer one, I forgot the name.  I admire Akira in some ways but I haven’t considered him as a boyfriend material especially for Mizuki.  He deserves to be a star in Yaoi serial.  He really do fit in there, the way he was so vulgar and all! Haha! Sorry Aquitaine, he’s not just my type. :P


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