Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Blaue Rosen: Chapter 27 November 23, 2008

Chapter 27

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Akira’s overshadowing  charm may it be with the ladies or the gents drove Mizuki’s confusion deeper.  The Legend of the Stalker has finally come to the open!

This Chapter…

Mizuki was caught red-handed planting a kiss on a fan  after receiving a confession. What Akira couldn’t understand is that how could she say “I love You” that easily while she couldn’t say a word to him.

Holding Akira’s picture next to her heart, back at her home, she desperately kept on repeating what he feels for him and despises herself for not being able to say those words in front of him.  Yume then barged in and summoned Mizuki to see her Dad.

As she suspected, her father wanted her to go on a match-making that he could even widen his influence in the business world and is only using the excuse in order to make her more aware of her femininity.  She automatically  rejected it and reasoned out that she already had a boyfriend.  Just when her father demanded to see her man, Akira appeared with Yume in a girl’s clothing!  He even introduced himself as Yume’s friend leaving Mizuki in utter shock!

Akira planned to squeeze out of Mizuki those words and confirm what she really felt for him but he failed.  He stormed out of the room without patching things up.

Random Babblings…

What the heck?! Akira just ruined his reputation in front of Mizuki’s Dad!  What could he be thinking?!  Should I known that the guy was my daughter’s boyfriend, I’ll severe all their connection and have him beaten up till he knows how it is to be a man!  Poor Mizuki, I could feel her face burning with humiliation once again. ;9


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