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unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Shugo Chara!! Doki [59] November 22, 2008

Looking back…

Kiddy riot at Ami’s kindergarten!  The guardians came to play with the little kids prompted by Ami’s abduction.  The episode was a sheer fun! XD

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 59: Utau Hoshina! New Beginning

Ikuto came to the planetarium pondering on his lost violin.  The caretaker interrupted his solace with Yoru, had a brief serious talk and ended came teasing Ikuto with a blade of grass tickling his kitty senses!

Utau is scheduled to have a concert but she needs to convene a huge crowd if she’s determined to get popular once again.  Earlier, Eru came to Amu for help and came to convince Utau to promote her live show.  She got caught up with her request to find and bring Ikuto instead.

Amu found Ikuto on the park and asked him to come but he declined.  Coaxing him wasn’t easy and again he laid down his bargain to come to the concert but he should be kissing her first, yet, he didn’t.  After which, he playfully mocked Amu making her furious and reported back to Utau that he couldn’t come.

Sanjou asked Amu to help distributing the flyers but nobody would want to take it.  Then came Tadase, Rima and Yaya at Eru’s request.  Eru transformed Amu into Amulet Angel again and so did the other guardians.  Their fancy costumes and skills were more than enough to fill the small auditorium where Utau’s concert is to be held.

Ikuto meanwhile, attempted to  steal back his violin from Easter but he ended up in a fight and got hurt.  However, he managed to come to Utau’s concert inspiring Utau more which made Amu even happier.

Random Babblings…

The almost kiss! Why didn’t it happen?  Ikuto, so slow! XD

Before we thought that it’s the manga that’s keeping up with the anime but then it’s the anime that’s keeping up with the manga this time.  The bed scene with Ikuto, I wonder in what episode would that be! :3

I wonder why Nagi wasn’t shown here.  Where was he?


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