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Vampire Knight OMG! November 21, 2008

Everyone, I received an email just today from a certain Sierra (kaname_clan@live.com) with this pic attached to it!  Waahh!!  This is too much to take!

<b>The Kurans.</b>  Credits to Sierra (Kaname_Clan@live.com)

The Kurans. Credits to Sierra (Kaname_Clan@live.com)

It’s just like about two minutes ago when I receive this beautiful surprise, a portrait of the Kuran family. She said it was included in the VK fanbook!  Okay, I’m so getting that.

What can a fan girl do? Happiness overboard! Kyaaaaaaaaa!!♥♥♥

Honestly, I’m so not in the writing mood at the moment, I am still feeling this gorgeous pic’s  blissful intoxication has brought me today!  So here guys, may my happiness radiate with you too!

Thank you Sierra.  I love you for this! *sighs dreamily*

Oh, from left to right, that’s Juuri, Kaname, Yuuki and Haruka.  +__+


9 Responses to “Vampire Knight OMG!”

  1. Quinn Says:

    After looking at that picture how is it tha K isn’t really Yuuki’s brother? The Kaname family is gorg but it’s a little freaky how they look like twins. 0_o

    P.s. I forgot to write on Holic 170 you were right about the schedule updates. *U* YAY!!!!! I am very grateful that a chapter is coming out earlier than Dec. 15th.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    You’ve noticed that too? XD Yuuki’s actual brother’s soul has been killed and Rido recalled Kaname from his grave and fused it in that soulless boy’s body.

    What I’m wondering is how would Kaname’s real body and image would look like if he’s still alive?

    ‘Bout the schedule, yeah I hope we could have more Holic soon!

  3. Quinn Says:

    WHAT? When did that happen? Have you read ahead of the released chapters? Or did I miss a really huge plot point?

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I guess it was in the earlier chapters of VK. And that’s the very reason why Kaname and Yuuki weren’t real siblings.

    I don’t get also Rido’s purpose of doing so, reviving Kaname and getting rid of him in the end. Power?

  5. kadecabott Says:

    I don’t know how I missed that.0_o Hopefully the anime will explain it because I don’t want to re-read VK.

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    The anime’s going too fast right now that I think it’s kinda shallow but I hope it would eventually be revealed. :)

  7. madi Says:

    Ah, seriously, what a lovely pic. What a lovely family.

    But it really looks like they’re all siblings, lol. I want that fanbook now! o_o

    And btw, I re-read VK recently, and I had totally forgotten about Sara, the pureblood-girl-thingy. They really shouldn’t make so many changes in the anime ;___; (for example, Ichiru is so much hotter in the manga, although the anime-haircut makes him a bit more unique)

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I agree it makes the anime lacking in depth.

  9. RedHatCat Says:

    I love this pic, thanks! When I first saw it and showed it to my gmum, [just to see what she’d think,] she though it was weird that kaname was holding Juuri, and Hakura Yuuki….but yeah thanks again!

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