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Spoiler: xxxHOLiC 170 November 21, 2008

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I was a bit overjoyed today since there had been a few changes in the schedule of releases particularly of our beloved xxxHOLiC the 170th Chapter!  I so thought it would already be over for all of us and we’re gonna see HoliC probably by mid-December but it didn’t turn out that way, so… Hurray!


xxxHOLiC Chapter 170 Spoilers here!

Automatically, I searched over the Chinese forums and snooped some good news for everyone!  Why Chinese?  Somehow, they most of the time have the first look at the releases and they even scanlate faster than the others getting the Japanese raws .  That’s just an observation.

Anyways, not only did the thread confirmed the release of CLAMP’s 170th Chapter on the 22nd but a snippet of what to to expect in the upcoming release had been there, through a drama!  It has something to do with Watanuki’s parents, whether they’re alive or not.  But somehow, CLAMP must have heard its readers who’re gonna be bereaved should they kill the CCS beloved characters, Ma and Pa Syaoran and Sakura, so there might actually be an increased percentage that they’re gonna be alive and we might even see them now grown up! :3

I’m not so sure about the others cause I could hardly make out the English translation of the forum but that was partly the gist of it.  I may have understood wrong, so my apologies but I’d rather have you take a look at it yourselves and correct me! :) Wohoo!


I’ve been trying to figure out the translations of what Shushu had written and here, this is the best I could do, making the translations humanly-readable as possible. XD  I may not get the whole thought so please bear with me.  This is for the benefit of those who can’t understand mostly Chinese like myself.


The diviner Obaasan wanted to reveal something to Yuuko. She previously performed a divination on Watanuki and told him that his parents already has achieved an enlightened rest. In Kohane’s apprenticeship with the old diviner, she felt that Watanuki should have sought for an answer if his parents also live in another world.

But it is a divine intervention that Fei Wang with this set up (referring to the shop} has not found about the truth. (Probably Watanuki’s existence) Obasaan invites her to another rematch at her house  and hung up the phone.

Yuuko had also asked the old diviner: “In that time, will everything come to an end?”

Yuuko put down the phone, pulls a silk scroll and found Mr. Haruka unexpectedly sitting at the corridor. This was the first meeting of the two.  But when the living meets the dead in this manner, that in itself is ominous (unlucky)

Haruka: “You have to protect those children, each is illuminating their own choice to move forward.”

“My grandson is one of them?”

“The time has come right? Have you realized the butterfly dream you wished for?”

A butterfly from Yuuko’s fingertips took flight dancing in tune with Haruka’s blue smoke.

Even if it is only a dream but as long as there is faith, desire and longing for this person’s existence, the dream will become a reality.

The butterfly has been having this dream and when that dream becomes a reality, what kind of reality will it present to the people at present…


There! XD


23 Responses to “Spoiler: xxxHOLiC 170”

  1. sarah Says:

    so the CCS Syaoran and Sakura might be alive !!!!

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    It seem like it. As i suspect before, they might have meet their deaths in Yuuko’s world where Watanuki currently is in but their existence wasn’t totally wiped out particularly at Syaoran’s real world…the CCS world! XD

  3. Quinn Says:

    Thanks Fairchild for posting the little *possible* spoiler.

    Wasn’t that a foregone conclusion? Yuko has always said that people exist in other worlds and we know that W’s parents died protecting him in current Japan but there are other universes where they still exist.

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I thought you haven’t been here yet XD I’m so excited!

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah, that’s quite an old news if you put it that way but at least, chances are Watanuki might actually meet his “parents” and that would be cool!

  6. Quinn Says:

    It would be cool for Yuko, but Watanuki wouldn’t remember them,to him they would be strangers. Plus could you imagine if he did meet them and gets his memories back. GAWD that would be painful. :( They would look exactly like his parents but have no connection with him.

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    that would be it exactly and i pity him for that. but it would all be over for Yuuko too and her shop. it’ll vanish in time when the purpose has been achieved. :((

  8. Quinn Says:

    I wonder where Yuko will go after her shop has served it’s purpose? Will she still have to sell wishes or will the big event also free her from that? I am eager to know what happens for every one in the Holic verse.

  9. Fairchild_13 Says:

    You know I wanted to know more about Yuuko, her history and her existence. Is it not that we’re being kept out of the loop pertaining to these things by CLAMP? i hope before Holic and Tsubasa would end next year somehow they’d drop some hints about her.

    On the Holic world, Yuuko’s shop is now weakening and Maru and Moro were trying their best to keep the place intact which on the long run they might actually vanish with the shop which is so sad…

    Poor Yuuko, where exactly would she be after all these? Then the question is, she could have other people’s wishes but what about hers? Who’d grant them?

  10. oh oy gosh!!!
    I hope syaoran kun is still alive and Sakura-chan!!!
    I HOPE thet dont look like Tsubasa ‘s sakura and Syaoran!!!!!
    i will get SOOOO mad
    because iv been waiting to see their facess!!!!

  11. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Too bad I can’t find any raws yet till this time…. So you’re Xiao Lang x Ying Fa fan too? Of course I also want to see them all grown up! How I hate CLAMP every time they drew them without a face! XD

  12. Quinn Says:

    Unfortunately, Maru/Moro have already disappeared. (ch. 168)It’s weird that W hasn’t mentioned them again though.

    The faceless parents bother me too.I wonder if there faces will appear when the action starts and W gets his memories back?

    Fairchild-Have you stopped allowing use of Gravatar pics? My previous posts that used it, showed the graphic avatar like angela!m’s.

  13. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Sheesh, I can’t still find any scans for Holic 170 :( Yeah, I hope they don’t look like the Kuran family who all seemed like twins! XD

    ‘Bout the Gravatar, nope I haven’t done anything… I’m using my image in general so I haven’t noticed. Maybe it’s with G afterall?

  14. nanashi Says:

    bwaaaa!!! I can’t read chinese!!! Only a little japanese!!!
    anywaaaay…Clow x Yuuko; Dou x Wata!!!!!
    No need to think, the truth is here!!!

  15. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I wish to see the Clow x Yuko pairing! I wonder if they had a “past.” And what if we found out Yuuki was a spirit like Clow?

    Doumeki x Watanuki, who’s the mommy? hi hi

  16. Sarah Says:

    i can’t find any xxxholic 170 scans =[

  17. Quinn Says:

    Am I wrong or did Holic just get released yesterday? Maybe by late tonight the scans will be up.

  18. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I wonder what’s taking so long either. But I don’t don’t know if it is correct but I heard the mag was published on the 22nd and they’ll have to do the distribution on the 24th officially. So I hope it’s true, I’ve been waiting and it’s so frustrating to see the day pass by without it! :((

  19. Fairchild_13 Says:

    @Quinn. It was supposedly as scheduled but I already have searched every nook and crannies (almost) but I can’t find one yet. I hope it’ll be up soon. *sigh*

  20. Sua Says:

    Dios! .. OMG … I need raws, last time we were wrong about some spoilers of Tsubasa, i hope this to be true!

  21. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Tsubasa, which part? But yeah, I hope it would be true.

  22. […] a few clippings from the manga release and a snippet of the chapter very similar to spoilers the Chinese Thread had!  I have at least parsed on the translations on my other post so kindly read those […]

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