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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 26 November 21, 2008

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Mizuki has turned into a prize!  At stake for the princess pageant thrown with Akira and a newcomer, Tsubasa as contenders!

This Chapter…

Clad in a stylish outfit complimented with bunny ears, the girl fans were ecstatic seeing Akira in it.  Ai made him wear the same for the upcoming gig.

Seeing how the girls were treating Akira very fondly as a doll made Mizuki think.  Ai’s playful mocking of her wondering what Akira found in somebody like her with a face like that of a guy, dragged her more deeper into confusion.

Asking Akira what made him fall in love with her was quite an embarrassing thing to do but she dared ask. It wasn’t after she succumbed to his childish bidding did she heard not an answer but more of a rekindling of the childhood days, sort of, how he’d met Mizuki and his quest to become stronger.

The band mates after hearing (actually eavesdropping) the story commented that it was like the biography of the “Dark Akira” or it might even be appropriate if it’ll be titled as “The Legend of the Stalker” but all the protests were useless as Mizuki was really moved by it.


Didn’t know Akira has that sob story to begin with.  Throughout the novel, he was portrayed as someone small but a cunning guy who always get whatever he wanted.  He was feared and loved at the same time (especially by guys) not until we saw his weakness in the chapter with Tsubasa.  I do sympathize with somebody like that who always got bullied and feeling all left out.  It’s a great thing Mizuki came to his life so she could be his inspiration to fight whatever odds along the way.


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  1. Carey Says:

    It’s not letting me view it, it keeps saying error.
    I’m confuzzled as of why…
    Maybe you know?

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