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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 25 November 21, 2008

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Desperate, Akira’s willing to do anything just to win the princess pageant against newcomer and maiko Tsubasa even if  he’s to offer his body as a bargain for the votes!

This Chapter…

Mizuki decided to stop the pageant at once.  She and Ai went sneaking into the boys’ school disguised as Dankaisan studes and witnessed as the campaign for the princess pageant commences.

Tsubasa’s usual dance routine which was usually a turn on for his avid patrons back in Kyoto became more of a snore for the students at Dankaisan.  However, Akira’s indecent proposal caused the all-boy’s High in an uproar!  All, for the sake of votes…and Mizuki.

Seeing Akira in his current state, with body full of hickies made poor Mizuki think twice of him as she recalled what Tsubasa had said before.  Akira might have actually slept with guys!

A slap on the face and being hated by his beloved was the last reaction the little man expected from Mizuki.  And as all the votes has been turned in Tsubasa won with only three votes!  What happened to the rest?

Hanazono Tsubasa may have won the pageant (which the contender forfeited) but Akira has re-claimed what rightfully is his. Mizuki…the real-world princess!


Wow, Tsubasa is something else!  Just when I thought somebody finally has appeared that would really shake the Akira-Mizuki relationship but that was it?  Quite shallow I think.  He considered winning the princess title rather than fighting seriously over Mizuki whom he had been dreaming for so long!


One Response to “Blaue Rosen: Chapter 25”

  1. luchia Says:

    oh my god I just started reading this manga not long a go and already it pulls me to keep reading but then I found out that it is not even finish yet, so I was thinkig when is it going to be finish and where can I read it online. LOVE IT!!!!

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