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Vampire Knight: Chapter 45 November 20, 2008

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Looking back…

We left off Chapter 44 with the Zero and Yuuki clash and we’ve seen flashbacks from his earlier memories too concerning the girl in question.

This Chapter…

While Kaname came hunting the Council Members, Maria was closely monitoring his every moves.  She probably broke the news to her parents which caused panic and they themselves spread the news fast to the other vampires so as to brace themselves for what was to come.

Aidou’s father who wanted his daughter for Kaname’s consideration as his future bride, having heard the news couldn’t help but react and thought that only another pureblood could stop another pureblood.

Kaien and Yagari both tried to fight for what they deem right.  Yagari returned to the Academy to protect the Night Class before anything worse could happen while Kaien came face to face with the Hunter’s Association president and realized that Rido has been manipulating him.  He has long became a vampire himself unknown to everyone.  Kaien managed to cut his hand and voila!  Rido’s blood thingy form showed, possessing the Association President who thought a pureblood’s blood will give him even more strength and power!

But while on that scene, Kaien recalled his encounter with Yuuki’s mom, Juuri, with Yuuki in her womb, that day when he was once injured for trying to attack her.  She told of her high hopes for her offspring and requested that he build an Academy for that purpose, thus, sparing his life.

Meanwhile, Takuma was found unconscious probably from his fight with Ichiou and Sara Shirabuki, the other pureblood who met Kaname at the party back in the earlier chapters came to claim him.  Her re-appearance in this chapter might signify something big.  An ally or an enemy against Kaname, that remains to be seen.  Poor Takuma…

Kaname returned to the Academy this time only to be greeted by Zero’s thorny vines!  And it ended up with a resolve that he’ll kill all of the pure bloods.  Wonder if Yuuki’s included?

Random Babblings…

Gosh! I never expected this chapter to come out so early.  I was looking for Tsubasa on a Chinese site and this is what I found instead!

I couldn’t say that I’m happy, yes I am for a new chapter has come out but my heart bleeds with the turn out of events.  Our dear Kaname’s life is in danger and hell that Rido’s still alive!

Sara Shirabuki.  I felt uncertainty towards her even before at the vampire gathering.  The very reason why Yuuki became jealous might even be the very reason for her beloved Kaname’s downfall, partly.  But so many things are yet to happen.

We have seen part of Kaien’s memory where he’d met Yuuki’s mom.  Could it be that they’ve shared a special bond, that I don’t know.

And Zero, I hate you!  How dare you touch my Kaname! Grrr!


Sagakure’s scanlations are up at One Manga.  Check those out!


29 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 45”

  1. BJ08supporter Says:

    OMG!! i cant w8 till that chap comes out.. poor kaname…
    and i totally root u 100% for this , “And Zero, I hate you! How dare you touch my Kaname! Grrr!”.. ur sooooo rightt…..
    sighh… it was only last month that i celebrated the death of rido.. god he is such a pedo..==” i was like..isnt he dyin a bit too quickly.. anyways…im blabbin too much…
    PS: kaname is the best :D

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I was thinking the same too, really bad asses don’t die that easily. But just as I suspected in the previous chapters, there’s still a need for a red flag alert or else why would Kaname leave to hunt down the claws?

    Btw, Kaien with his hair down kinda looks like Zero at a glance, only manlier! Ha ha! Love him in this chapter kicking butts!

    I hope it’ll end with Kaname unscathed.

  3. BJ08supporter Says:

    omg.. Kaine.. wen he first appeared wif his hair down and no glasses several chaps b4.. i was like omg.. who is he??.. cuz yea.. he actually looked pretty good.. so yea.. lol.. i never imagined the principal could look like that…haha…
    sighh.. i wonder wen rido will die.. man i refuse to say he looks like older version of kaname cuz that juz defames kaname… no one can compare wif him.. esp in the manga.. he sooo god-like..
    hunt down the claws?? wat does that mean?? the council vamps??
    and me 2.. he better not be harmed in any way.. zero and his thorns…==” jeez….of all weapons.. it has to be thorns…==”

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    claws…you’re right, i mean the vampire council and Ichiou. Kaname may have a slight resemblance with Rido ‘coz afterall the body he’s taken over is that of his nephew’s.

    why do i have a feeling that the anime is just tackling on the surface of what actually is in the manga. it lacks depth. maybe that’s the disavadntage of reading the manga ahead. XD

    i don’t like Zero’s morphing either, it’s just gross and doesn’t suit his pretty face. he’s just like that but Kaname’s godly! Moe! ^^

  5. BJ08supporter Says:

    ooh i dont watch the anime cuz apparently i fink they kinda defamed kaname in there… i mean.. god i hate to admit this but.. they kinda made zero look better than kaname in the anime.. the voice actor too…==”… well thats wat i fink in season one anyway.. i dont noe abou season two.. i hope its better and i heard my friend sayin that kaname is confessin to yuuki in season 2.. and i was like aww thats soo cute so yea.. i might start watchin…:D
    so yea.. ur right.. i fink that anime only shows the surface of wats actually in the manga.. like the way its shaded and everythin.. sumtimes u have to guess and interprete it ur own way.. i love the way the eyes r drawn.. esp kaname’s.. it has that depth to it.. all the characs have it.. but i juz dont fink anime portrayed it as well.. so yea…
    and yea.. kaname in the manga is unbeatable… after readin the manga.. sumhow the anime version dont appeal to me, it annoys me even more that they did a better job wif zero.. ==”

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    phew, i thought I’m the only one who notices that. They somehow made Kaname paler compared to Zero in the anime and that pisses me off. I also think that the anime lacks the luster it needs, sorry to disappoint everyone but i can’t find that heavy feel to it unlike when I’m reading the manga.

    And if people haven’t been reading the manga, they might not know the real score behind the occurring events if they just keep on watching the anime. They’re missing what Kaname’s really like in the manga. I also have a guess, those people who said they keep liking Zero only watched the anime itself…so I can’t blame them but Kaname’s incomparable and I love everything about him.

  7. BJ08supporter Says:

    OMG.. i TOTALLY agree… anime is quite shallow compared to the manga… it lacks that heavy feelins and emotions… i fink u have a point on the pple that likes zero purely because of the anime.. yea.. they probably havent read the manga… well i dont mean to offend the pple that likes zero.. its juz that i like kaname toooooo much… and yea.. they totally missed kaname in the manga.. and wat realllly pissed me off is wat my friend said abou kaname.. they’re sayin kaname and yuuki pairin is incest and pedo-ish, i mean they’re not even that closely related.. kaname is her ancestor.. not her real brother.. only in his body.. so thats not reallly incest… im sure ancestor means at least 3+ generations above yuuki, besides she was born to marry him anyway..and the part where he rescued her wen she was attacked wen she was four, how kaname’s appearance didnt change much.. i mean who cares… as long as he looks good.. i dont care if it has been 10 yrs or 20.. hes a vampire… isnt his appearance not suppose to change anyway?? ==”
    besides he and yuuki looks absolutely adorable standin next to each other.. but shes hardcore zero fan.. so yea… along with alot more zero fans out there… but it’s kaname for me… :D
    i mean.. if they made kaname look better than zero in the anime.. im sure there would be a lot more pple supportin kaname.. i also dont like the anime yuuki much… shes a bit.. how do u describe it.. ditzy??.. i watched the scene where she was possessed by shizuka in maria’s body.. and the way she acts beside zero in the early eps of season one.. and im…… abou it…. manga yuuki seems alot better…

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Absolutely you’re right! Kaname is at his best in the manga. I don’t know what are they planning to do with the anime. There had been many twists and scenes that weren’t found in the manga. Take for example the Lapiz Lazuli Portrait episode. I admit that Chibi Kaname looked gorgeous on it but most of the facts revealed that its way too different and superficial.

    About Yuuki, she really is a “still doll” in the anime. I can’t grasp any emotions from her. She’s more human in the manga.

    Also in the anime it has never shown how Zero had been crushed everytime Yuuki and Kaname expresses feelings for each other. Having witnessed the confession of his beloved to another man is like being stabbed a thousand times and dying again and again. It wasn’t actually elaborated much but you can feel it in the manga.

    Strange, but I can’t even feel the seriousness of Kaname’s confession in the anime and how Yuuki took it? It’s like just a regular conversation and nothing else. So shallow, so…ugh, can’t say.

  9. BJ08supporter Says:

    ok… mb i shouldnt watch the anime after all..
    r u serious?? kaname’s confession turns out like a normal conversation?? poor guy… he loves yuuki soo much… seriously.. he does everything to protect her.. even gave zero his bloody.. i mean i noe he doesnt give crap abou the rules and regulations of bein a pure-blood.. but still hes not the type to do that.. but for yuuki he did.. and he did a huge gamble on zero wouldnt betray yuuki… like count how many times hes pointed his gun at her..==”
    yea.. one thing i love so much abou vampire knight apart from its godly graphics r the story plots and the way it has that depth to it… its a very solid manga… and i absolutely adore those yuuki-kaname moments in the manga… soooo cute….^^

  10. sarah Says:

    i dont really understand
    the last page where Yuki
    is just standing there… doing nothing ?

  11. Fairchild_13 Says:

    @BJ08supporter. Yuuki isn’t supposed to be his fake lover is it? In the manga, fake or not but he loves her and she in return but it seems that claiming her as a GF is only meant to protect her if we’re to base in the anime.

    You should watch it, the graphic has quite improve though. But only brace yourself so as not to get disappointed.

  12. Fairchild_13 Says:

    @Sarah. Yeah, she’s way too useless in this chapter. She allowed Kaname attacked by Zero like that? That’s unforgivable! Earth to Yuuki!

  13. kakashix11 Says:

    yea.. i was wonderin at she was juz standin there doin nuffin..==” god.. fairchild_13 has a good point, she is useless in this chapter.. and well.. she is weak compare to zero and kaname..
    she probably cant stop zero even if she wanted to… i noe kaname will break out of those vines very soon…but i juz dont like the idea of him bein tied by zero==”
    since wen is yuuki kaname’s fake lover?? 0.0.. WTH?? the way in manga.. the love triangle of yuuki, kaname and zero is quite deep.. but i like to convince myself that yuuki loves kaname… :D
    yea.. obviously that i scream myself to death with “kyaaaaaa” at yuukiXkaname moments… i esp love the chapter where he wakes yuuki up as a vampire… man.. that was such a wonderful chapter…yea apparently i got told today that this particular moment is out in “guilty”… im gonna watch it.. even tho i NOE that im gonna be disappointed…. cuz noway the anime can portray the hot kaname wen he “kissed” yuuki… haha..
    ps. im changin my name from BJ08supporter to kakashix11 ..:D

  14. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Haha, okay got it Kakashix. XD

    It was clear in the manga that they were actually lovers and were intended for each other and that Yuuki was born to be his wife. Yuuki also confirmed that she had been in love with him all those years and she declared that he only wanted “this” man’s blood.

    The term “fake lover” probably it was Aidou who mentioned that as they didn’t know the truth yet of Yuuki being a pureblood and they thought Kaname’s just playing a game to protect her.

    And now I fully understand why he’d let Rido live. He could have killed him before but Yuuki’s so young then and without anybody to take care of her. So he waited all this while for her to come of age and is now prepared to rest once again. Remember Kaname is “immortal” he can’t be killed only put into a deep sleep. Powerful is the “ancestor” of the Kurans!

    Gosh, my favorite chapters in VK were Chapter 34-36. Great, great Yuuki X Kaname moments. It was so hot and you’ll never tire reading and re-reading it. And those chapters we’re the core revelation of everything in VK. I like the bed scene especially, it was more than shall we say, love-making? Crazy me! Kyaaa!

    Probably, were about to witness the same in the anime later. I hope they’ll have to present it with such intensity that could equal in the manga or else it wouldn’t be justified. XD

  15. kakashix11 Says:

    i TOTALLY agree… the scene where he awoken her by givin her his blood.. that ‘kiss’ scene was the BEST!!! can never get sick of readi those chaps.. kaname juz looks sooooo damn sexy.. sigh….
    the only thing i hope now is that kaname can kill rido.. but he cant.. its soo sad that rido is the one that revived kaname… man that pedo’s face juz piss me off… such a creep… wen u fink that hes after yuuki…==”
    and nahh… i doubt they could really re-make that bed scene as intense as the manga… i fell in love wif that chap.. its my fav chap so farr.. unless there comes a scene someday when yuuki would say sumfin to reciprocate kaname’s feelings or sumfin…:D but anyways.. i still hope they at least do a decent job with kaname anyway…
    now that u mentioned aidou.. haha… the fake lover thing.. that was funny to c his face all uncomfortable wif bein formal wif yuuki wen he found out shes actually a pureblood… but kaname really doooo love yuuki that much.. he goes to any lengths to protect her… sigh… such a devoted lover…
    i dont get wat u said abou rido… do u mean kaname can kill rido?? i thought he cant… and wats yuuki bein young got to do wif this?? cuz if kaname juz killed rido.. then yuuki would still have her parents right?? or do u mean that he has to sacrifice himself to kill rido?? man if anyfin happens to kaname.. i’ll probably bawl my eyes out… esp with the manga.. full of emotions.. i dont even noe wat yuuki would do… anyways.. he juz cant go to rest… although it wouldnt be a bad idea if he gets resurrected by yuuki… juz anyone but rido..
    i still dont get the zero deal.. is he more powerful than kaname or what?? ==” so he has drank alot of powerful pples’ blood.. but does that actually make him realllly powerful that he can beat kaname?? ancestor of the kuran family?? wen i fink that way..im like pfftt.. sif he can beat kaname…
    anyways.. the latest chap has that shirabuki girl..and i have to say wikipedia is a bit off…==” i dont get how shes ‘beautiful’.. the way i look at it.. juuri is prettier, yuuki is better too.. even that woman.. shizuka is better…==” along wif the rest of the female night class vampires.. ruka and shiki’s best friend… and wat wiki said abou shirabuki and kaname make good couple makes me SICK!!!! ==” shes wayyyyy tooo ugly for kaname.. and wat shes doin right now is sto0pid too..==’
    why waste her brains stoppin kaname.. sif she can beat kaname in wit..==”… and maria that big mouth…==”

  16. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Wow! You got me speechless! ^^

    About Kaname could kill Rido, yes he can but it would also cost his life. It’s the same as the taboo supposedly committed by Zero toward Shizuka.

    Juuri entrusted Yuuki to Kaname’s care and without Kaname Yuuki would probably go astray or even manipulated by Rido or anybody else right now. Kaname did intend to kill Rido, with the consequence of giving up his life, that fateful day their parents died but Haruka did stop him though he knew it would be the death of him.

    If Kaname died that day, so will Rido and there’d be no vampire among the vampires and no Vampire Knight manga! Kaname is the embodiment of the story Vampire Knight.

    If Sara would replace Rido as the arc enemy in the upcoming chapters, I’ll skin her alive and I’ll have the Level Es feast on her! ;) She’ll be no match against Kaname.

    Zero, stronger than Kaname? I doubt it. Make no mistake about it, he’s just a second rate and he’s no even cured from his being Level E and he never will, Kaname just delayed it for him to be of use to Yuuki! :P

  17. kakashix11 Says:

    oooh k.. kool…
    lol.. yea.. i like this habit of blabbin.. so yea.. thats y there was such a long rant b4… :D
    well.. sara wouldnt be able to replace rido.. even thou shes a pureblood.. i juz dont fink she has the brains or the power to do it.. i mean.. if shizuka couldnt.. why would she be even commin close to dealin wif kaname.. seriously.. either shes hallucinatin or that shes tooo naive.. either way i dont care.. i doubt she has the ability to put up wif kaname…
    ok.. its good to noe that zero wont be able to beat kaname… but hes… how do i put it?? not a level E?? no.. i mean.. he doesnt seem to be havin his level E problem.. and after he ate his own brother, ichiru.. and ichiru ate shizuka.. c that connection?? its a bit bizarre, zero that is… ==”
    and wen he said that im goin to kill all the pureblood.. he really looked like he was not jokin.. he wouldnt be jokin… but y would he say that if he cant do it?? u get wat i mean?? its weird.. i dont mind if he goes after rido.. i’d THANK him.. but its juz that hes targetin kaname right now wen kaname hasnt even done anyfin to him… zero should really thank kaname cuz he killed shizuka for him and he cant do it.. y doesnt he juz return the damn favour and kill rido.. and while at it.. i hope that hunter president dies too… god his/her face piss me off.. so ok.. call me emo or sumfin.. but wen kaien cross slashed off his arm i was goin wooohooo.. u rock… so yea…==”
    and looks like kaname made a huge gamble wen he said to zero in the manga.. because u’ll never betray her (yuuki), i guess in a way he is right.. i dont noe how many times zero has pointed his bloody rose at yuuki but he has yet to pull the trigger.. although i wouldnt call him second rate.. i fink he is compared to kaname.. but compared other vampires.. hes better than the vampire council and the hunter association minus kaien and yagari… haha.. them 2 make the funniest combo partners.. im still laughin at the chap wen kaien first had his hair down and he was wif yagari.. soo funny.. haha

  18. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Kaien rocks! I really love him this chapter. He’s kinda well-rounded, could be serious and funny at the same time. He’s one of the reason why VK is alive! XD

  19. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Kaien rocks! I really love him this chapter. He’s kinda well-rounded, could be serious and funny at the same time. He’s one of the reasons why VK is alive! XD

  20. kakashix11 Says:

    lol yea.. kaien is really kool.. his scenes with yagari is hilarious cuz them 2 contrasts each other.. so hes the more serious one.. i dont noe why like the headmaster cross is the smiley goof (in a good way) yet he is soo serious.. and u c yagari teachin the night class.. soo serious and all.. and his appearance make him look serious too.. but wen he is wif kaien.. 0.0.. he kinda turns into an idiot (in a funny and good way)..
    and yea.. i thought wen kaien cut off the hunter association president’s hand.. i was like wow.. damn thats soo kool….:D

  21. Fairchild_13 Says:

    are there any yaoi implications here, what do you think? i’ve seen some doting for Kaname and Zero so.. XD

  22. kakashix11 Says:

    LOL.. i have to say im not a great fan of yaoi, but sum how i dont mind the kaien and yagari pair as i dont find any other decent females their age that r good enough to match them and they make a funny enough pairin…
    and kaname and zero.. nahh.. it kind defames them 2.. i cant image kaname like that.. im not implyin anyfin here on kaien and yagari.. cuz personality wise.. he and zero is a big no no… appearance wise.. ok so they’re look really good next to each other.. but thing is.. it’ll always be yuuki kaname pairin for me…
    so yea…

    also that i dont support yaoi is because of prince of tennis.. like u noe the characs soo well that its juz wrong to fink that they’re like a guy… and be… yea.. but the thing is there r no good female characs in there to do some matchin.. so its kinda a conflict for me.. ==” and i must say i dont like that kind of conflict…

  23. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I’m not into it either, makes no sense at all! :\

  24. kakashix11 Says:

    yea in anime… kinda weird… esp if u noe the character…
    kinda wrong to go into the ‘not so straight’ path…
    anyways.. do u read the jap version when it gets released??

  25. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I read and could understand a little Japanese but my vocabulary’s not that in-depth yet. I still suck at the characters and I prefer hearing them so I could grasp more. Still learning…

  26. kakashix11 Says:

    ok.. thats cool i guess… :D
    i want to learn jap too.. but i dont have any jap friends >:-(
    and thers no jap classes near my area….==”
    guess i’ll have to do a jap study at uni or sumfin…==”
    sighh… i should’ve picked beginners jap for hsc…damnit….==”

  27. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Surely you can find find one soon or try to hit the textbooks and I’m certain there are lots of tutorials infesting the net! =)

  28. kakashix11 Says:

    lol yea….

  29. yoj Says:

    okay I’m a Zero fan and i do like Kaname, but he seems so dark to me. And a few of these people i don’t know like who’s kaien and yagari and maria?

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