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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 205 November 20, 2008

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The Syaoran clone has appeared in the ruins! Just as when the group decided to move forward!

This Chapter…

In the ruins where the time is on the halt, the clone and the small group composed of Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona came face to face once again.

But with the resolve that they may go home together in peace, they vowed to fight no matter what happens.

Just then Fei Wong Reed appeared in that slit of time and space and told things about Syaoran’s wish that has never changed and how that certain moment back then was still preserved.  The very moment that Syaoran wanted to come back to.

The most anticipated battle now commences!

Random Babblings…

Finally we’ve got to see action!  It just came to me, is the Syaoran clone capable of making its own decision?  It looks like FWR is treating him like a puppet.

With the evil sorcerer as the group’s formidable enemy, do they stood a chance?


10 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 205”

  1. sarah Says:

    hahah yay !
    its finally here

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    and there had been a nice turn out of schedules, we’re expecting xxxHolic on the 22nd! i thought there’d be none but was amended. yeah!

  3. sarah Says:

    haha omg r u serious?
    yay clamp ! =D

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I can’t believe my eyes either, Chibiyuuto must have had it updated. Check the CLAMP scheds at the main page! XD

  5. Quinn Says:

    We know a showdown is going to happen between the clone and Sayuran, what I wonder is how will this affect Watanuki?

    Before he fell out of the window (unconsciously)*How can that be when a HUGE part of both series is hitsuzen?* when S got into the life and death struggle with his clone.

    W wants to be real but (unconsciously- maybe he gets critically injured once again) maybe that is why Doumeki has the non-magical egg to prevent this from happening?

  6. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Got a very good insight on that. Maybe that’s where the non-magical egg is reserved for. I just hope no one would perish and let it only be FWR!

  7. Quinn Says:

    I’m undecided. I don’t want Watanuki to die but, then I think how powerful it would be if he did and once again merged with S.Doumeki would definitely show some expression then.

  8. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I don’t want him to die either, I love his character so much! :((

  9. Quinn Says:

    I love the double frown it looks like fish lips LOL. ^ ^

    We just have to wait for CLAMP to reveal all then. ;)

  10. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Haha. You’re right… :)

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