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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 23 November 16, 2008

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Trouble at the gig house!  Blaue Rosen was robbed of its live sked!  Pacifier Akira came to the rescue gambling his time in exchange of a date in order to take back his band’s rightful live schedule as have been booked earlier!

This Chapter…

Kyoto’s number one maiko is moving in to Tokyo and seemed to have been looking forward to a reunion with Mizuki!

Tsubasa, a new schoolmate at Dankaisan High caused  a campus uproar and threatened to rip Akira of his throne as the all-boys school princess!  But that’s not all, he is determined to take Mizuki away from him!

Rotten tactics and all but poor Akira was badly disgraced by some psychotic fans at Tsubasa’s prompting the minute Ran and Rui’s attention was slightly diverted from the Student Council’s lounge!

Tsubasa stole Akira’s Saint Nobara uniform and came rushing to Mizuki’s arms to her utter surprise!


High and mighty Akira has exposed his weakness in this chapter (frail features as such) for being unable to fight back against the two attackers and we’ll be seeing more of that in the next chapter and that would be in volume 5 now.

I was really furious at Tsubasa’s cowardice!  Why does he have to resort in all those dirty schemes when he could still fight Akira man to man?  Anyways, it’s going to be Mizuki who will be the judge and definitely the winner is far too obvious!


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