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Blaue Rosen: Chapter 22 November 16, 2008

Looking back…

It’s the couple’s first New Year visit to the shrine which ended up partying with the Yakuzas at Rui’s place! A small dose of sake revealed Mizuki’s intolerance on it and causes her to fall fast asleep while Akira’s two personalities both showed and appeared to be on its extremes!

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This Chapter…

Blaue Rosen’s live gig was about to be canceled despite the earlier booking to give way to the pub owner’s good friend’s son and his band’s performance.  It’s all thanks to Akira who came in a little late whose cuteness had Yuya Matsuoka smitten, the “Not Found” band leader who was persuaded to drop off the schedule in exchange of Akira dating him.

Indeed, the arranged date took place but despite the no touch agreement, Yuya unable to hold himself back attacked Akira mercilessly only to find out he’s a man!  His shock was so temporary that he blurted out that he still like him even if they’re both of the same specie!  But a deal is a deal and Blaue Rosen won the schedule.

Mizuki on the other hand kept tailing on them discreetly but Akira denied anything abusive was done to him.  And while at school the next day Yuya came with flowers on hand proclaiming how was Akira on their date!  But instead punishing him out, Rui and Ran had Yuya interrogated of his secret and sought for tips which made further advances with Akira possible!

Random Babblings…

Crazy, crazy, crazy!

I first thought it was Shinnosuke who gave up his boxing career to be a musician for Mizuki but it wasn’t!

It was a bit funny considering both Ran and Rui’s reactions.  I thought they were dead serious!  Twisted minds are all alike, eh?


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