Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Blaue Rosen: Chapter 20 November 16, 2008


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Saint Nobara came up with a Campus Festival and that posed a chance for the school’s princes to showcase their charms but Akira ruined the whole thing for Mizuki!

This Chapter…

It has been a tradition for Mizuki to spend Christmas together with her band mates and this year at Megumi’s.  Akira had been in a dour mood for he wanted to spend that day with Mizuki alone too.  It was kinda hard to stray from the usual huh?

It came to the point where he had to beat the others in their challenges to win over Mizuki’s time for the rest of the night which eventually he won, so he had Mizuki for a prize!

Left alone in a room they had an exchange of gifts.  *eyebrows in place please!* XD  Akira gave his princess a locket with his picture on it and Mizuki in return gave him a handmade muffler!

Overwhelmed by emotions, suddenly the room’s in a freezing temperature and the silly other band mates had locked the door outside and were eavesdropping! But Mizuki was so tired having spent two nights knitting the muffler that she ended up sleeping before anything major could happen!


I think, I like the girlish side of Mizuki, though she’s really a girl but it never came to me that she could be bothered by petty little things related to love! Poor girl, but I couldn’t blame her either.  First love is always something special, not speaking from my experience of course! Hahah!  Just read about it. Ows?


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