Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Shugo Chara!! Doki [58] November 15, 2008


The Guardians battled against Fancy Dream! A martial arts senpai who secretly loves fancy things and anything cute!

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 58: Panic in Class Plum

Ami abducted Ran, Miki and Suu and took them at her school as she refused to go with Mom and Dad and only want Oneechan to see her through.  Kids her age have the capacity to see the guardian charas, therefore igniting havoc within Class Plum making the teacher wonder why the children were especially overly energetic that day.

Ami’s classmate, Ma, taking after his father who’s skilled in sculpting, made Kiseki his model and captured exactly with clay the prince chara’s expressions.  Kiseki was pissed about it and it was the kid’s only artwork which wasn’t appreciated.  Lulu took advantage of the situation and successfully drag his young egg into confusion.

The kid wanted just Kiseki to appreciate his work and he didn’t go character transformation this time.  Amu herself was confused on which attack to use since the egg didn’t turn into a batsu tama like it always does.  When a huge replica of the Platinum Royale was made, Kiseki absolutely loved it and it only took that simple appreciation then the little kid’s egg purified itself needless of some outer intervention!

Back at home, Ma and Pa brought Ami a surprise, a doll house as a compensation for the miss earlier!  The three charas were in tears, touched as Ami offered the whole thing to be their very own little home!


It was wild! and I enjoyed watching this episode so much.  Ami was so cute and it was such a rare opportunity to see the charas all enjoying themselves and with the kids who could see them!  Amu and rest were useless this time! XD


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