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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 45 November 12, 2008

Volume 7 Cover

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Looking back…

Deprived of his memories prompted by Nakbin’s scheme, Habaek is taking the witch to the Emperor’s place!  Soah couldn’t believe her ears as the news reached her but despite that, she hoped it wouldn’t be the same with Mui.  She sought for him regardless of what she discovered only to be thwarted by him!

This Chapter…

Habaek seemed to have no recollection of Soah and took her advances as ill-mannered.  She then realized that it wasn’t Mui and the start of the chapter seemed to have been full of “Who are you? (s).” Mui introduced himself as Habaek and threatened to drown Soah as punishment but he drowned her in the end though.

The poor bride still clings on the belief that he might have been joking and that he would save her from her current state and indeed he saved her, at least that’s what she thought of as somebody grabbed her hand to the surface before her consciousness left her.

It was another man!  Hoo-Yee? No, Banwang?! And Habaek, what the hell is he doing? Peeling off a mask?!

So, it’s the Emperor who disguised himself as Habaek!  But how could he imitate him completely and he took Soah with him!!

Random Babblings…

That jerk Emperor what really is his motive?  Does he like Soah that much?  And what’s the real score between him and Habaek? Judging from the situation it seems that he plans to ruin Habaek in Soah’s eyes by making him evil!

This is the first chapter of the Bride’s 7th volume and after reading the whole thing, I felt I want to read no further!  So tragic, full of deceit and lies and heartaches for Soah.

Remembering the Marchen Prince (Merupuri) another favorite by Matsuri Hino, it has the same plot.  Loosing a memory but love will see the characters through in the end.  This might be the case and I hope it would be and fast!

Arrgh, this is something I couldn’t take.  My heart cries for Habaek too!  Curse that Nakbin witch and the Emperor! Well, it would be on Volume 8. I guess.

About the scans, I hardly could find decent ones around that’s not in  Korean but I’ll update soon as it’s scanlated.  Moving on…


10 Responses to “Bride of the Water God: Chapter 45”

  1. sparkinglight Says:

    it hurts. a friend of line translated vol 7 for me and it hurts SO MUCH. THAT STUPID BITCH!!! GAHHH!!

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah, I was so desperate crushing her myself! It’s okay if she does love Habaek but she doesn’t. In the chapters onward of this volume we’ll about to find out how the two met and it wasn’t really fairy tale- like I thought of before! Poor deity! :_{ Blinded by love at first sight!

  3. Lena Says:

    AHH Stupid Nakbin

    Oh the scans are up on mangatraders.com
    I found this place by using google lol
    I was a little confused about the chapters and I wanted to talk about it. : )

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    At which point shall we start, it would be nice to share ideas with someone. ^-^ I’m a little confused myself sometimes…

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yes, they have all the scans up and updates the manhwa releases regularly.

    So how do you find the chapter so far?

  6. velvetsash Says:

    I’ve been trying to get this from mangatraders but everytime I attempt to something comes up and I’m thrown into a large pile of work. Is it really THAT good? I wanted to read it because of the art. and the whole story concept.

  7. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I’m head over heels over this manhwa the first time I saw the cover and it has substance and great artwork! I really bought the two volumes printed in English but the rest would be out next year so…waiting is painful! :((

    I think you don’t have to download it, it has been available at manga.gamestotal.com I suppose. Do check all the chapters there. It’s great that they’re updating it regularly. It would be such a waste to miss out that one. Mui!! XD

  8. bhawana Says:

    i know that nakbin bitch and emporer is so annoying..but why does the emporer like soah and is emporer is muhee’s son??????? i am really confused….

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I didn’t know if Mui has a son and we are yet to figure out what’s his relationship with the emperor but I personally don’t think so. Yeah, I agree that Nakbin’s a wench!

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