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Shugo Chara: Chapter 35 November 11, 2008

Shugo Chara 35

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Looking back…

With Saeki Nobuko’s help Amu’s group gained access to the transmitter of the remote studio owned by Easter where Ikuto is to be found!  Rima and Nagi encountered three X-charas along the way and successfully beat them by joining forces.  Reaching the tower the other Guardians were greeted by a hideous monster!

This Chapter…

The wolf-like monster threatened to attack Amu, Tadase and Yaya but before the senpais could do anything, she transformed into Dear Baby which made the monster sat there still for a while in awe not until she launched her attack!

Since Yaya’s offense seemed to have not worked, Tadase and Amu took the hint and transformed themselves too with Ran and Kiseki bracing for the action.

The air was filled with violin playing and there’s poor Ikuto somewhere within the area playing his violin without rest as evil Kazuomi forbids.  It seemed to have made the monster stronger and aggressive that even Amu and Tadase combined seemed to have no match for it.

Yaya on the other hand watched worriedly and decided to beg the thing to go no further to Amu and Tadase’s surprise!  It seemed Yaya’s attack made quite a difference this time for just like any animal, the monster chased Yaya’s fancy gears out of curiosity and toyed with it but not when it realized it was for aiming at it!

Just in time or so, Utau appeared!

Random Babblings…

Yaya was really cool at this!  Wow, I’ve never seen her so determined like this before!  What could Amu do to beat the monster?  Is she gonna power-up or something?

What a relief, the monster isn’t Ikuto as it seems but poor him, he’s been worn out from playing.  The sound of his violin is like a power booster to the X-charas including the wolf-like monster which was made from the X energy I suppose.


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