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Minasama okii, kudasai! (Attention, please!) November 11, 2008

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Tamaki for You!

It’s barely three months more or less since I started this blog in mid July and there had been thousands and thousands of visitors and a countless loyal readers from all over the world who’ve made their way to this tiny page of mine! It was a rough start, but now, got more than a thousand hits on the average per day and to think I’ve been blogging so far a few things that interests me, gomen.

In the process, I’ve met beautiful persons, made friends and enjoyed reading e-mails from people I don’t know but all in all, HONTOU NI ARIGATO (Thank You, really)!

It’s true that you couldn’t please everyone but I guess that’s normal! ^^; I just want to remind everyone that this is but a personal blog and I could do as I please.

I hate it when people ask where are the subs, the raws, this and that… as if I have them all.  I am glad to point everyone to where those things are but sometimes I’ve got restricted access to those (bandwidth issues as such, so please be considerate) and I can only post summaries first but I usually update my post regularly so I expect you to wait patiently with me until I could get a go.

There are two or three people so far among the thousands I’ve noticed who kept on pressuring me like that but sorry, blogging is supposed to enjoyable for me and the readers and besides I’m not taking that.  I’m already getting out of my way to find the updates and sometimes I provide summaries ahead before the my favorite series got scanlated.

Usually, I’m digging through my scanty Japanese knowledge and pestering my Korean friend and doing the Chinese translations manually (though sometimes I don’t get it! XD), so don’t you think I should be getting a thank you?  Let me give you a piece of my mind then!

I do appreciate comments and suggestions and I answer them back if I can.  However, as I’ve said, I’m against violence so please no fighting and kindly refrain from using uncivil words.  Do respect each other’s opinions as I do but definitely I don’t edit but automatically delete comments which I found too offensive for my taste.

That would be enough as finally I’ve said it!

Special thanks to Aquitaine for having supported me all the while and thank you everyone once again for bearing with me all this time. I’m forever indebted to you all! ^^

– – – Fairchild


5 Responses to “Minasama okii, kudasai! (Attention, please!)”

  1. nencyzaoldyecks Says:

    wow nes im so touch..a million thanks too for the opportunity that fate given to me to meet an otaku like you who i could share my passion for manga and anime:> にありがとう

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Hah! So you’re online! NPs XD But why the drama heheh!

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Ah, the cat ears! *Turns to Dark Mizyki!*

  4. nency Says:

    i think we have a good news this afternoon..be ready:)
    i receive a msg frm rena from her uncle..i hope its true

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