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Fairy Tail: Chapter 111 November 11, 2008

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Looking back…

28 mages were left standing!  Luxus wouldn’t accept Makarov’s defeat and surrender. He bid him to resign!

This Chapter…

The Raijinshuu is on the rampage taking against everyone weak or strong!  Surely Grey was defeated and was held unable to fight!

Natsu was enraged and took an offense against Luxus but came sprawling down the floor as his image is a hologram?  He seemed so real!

Gazille! Where’d he came from?  And he can’t get out of the barrier either!  Is he over 80 years old too?

For unknown reason, the petrified Erza seemed to have been knocked down by Natsu to the surprise of everyone which made her crack.  Natsu did somewhat like paying homage to her but actually is saying sorry and must have done something green which was answered by Erza’s revival! No he tried to burn her and Gazille’s iron to weld her back!  Idiots! XDD She greeted Natsu and Gazille with a punch which sent them off flying!

Ah hope is alive!  But what’s this, another mage is on its way to Fairy Tail.  Who could he be?  Who’s side is he on?

Random Babblings…

Great, this is a great chapter!  I was so  relieved that Erza has gotten herself free from the spell!  Could it be that Evergreen’s petrifying spell has worn out?  But why her alone?  I could correlate this to the Gerard and the aetherion arc where she had fused herself with that weapon but in the end she was freed from it. Was that really by her power or Natsu’s I’m not so sure but this is a similar situation, so it must be hers.  I’m looking forward for the battle between her and Evergreen but Fried is a suitable opponent too.

Is Gazille taking part in the battle this time?  How did he got there in the first place?  That coward Luxus why the hologram?! And who’s that new comer?

Oh yeah, my doting for the Natsu and Erza romance flick went up high once again!  This would make an exceptional couple wouldn’t it?  No, not Lucy, she’s way too weak for him! XD


2 Responses to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 111”

  1. Ragnarok164 Says:

    Guy on last page is Mistgun and +1 for Natsu and Erza

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    yeah I just figured that out and they might be composing the “last four” I suppose.

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