Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Blaue Rosen: Chapter 17 November 8, 2008

Chapter 17

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Looking back…

Rui needed some bail out from a scenario which he would probably regret his whole life!  Super Mizuki came to the rescue and became his woman for a day!

This Chapter…

Akira’s fever has gone worse!  Rui and Ran were so worried that they cooked up with a plan to visit their missed princess past his three older brothers since it’s a legend that not one of Dankaisan’s students has ever set foot on their territory!

Mizuki on the other hand came rushing at Akira’s only to find some of his male schoolmates being chased away by his brothers. Despite of her most feminine introduction, still, she was mistaken for a guy and the third elder brother showcased his Shiraishi Cloth-Sundering Style on her only to confirm that she’s a real woman!  Akira got enraged and tried to fight but his resistance failed him.

Mizuki promised she’d be an errand girl for him that day and would do anything he wanted.  She made him some porridge which is the first time for Akira since his mother passed away after giving birth to him making him very happy.

Rui and Ran popped out from nowhere and brought Akira bouquets of roses!  Wonder how did they pass through the castle guards just to get to their princess?  A heli does it all!

Random Babblings…

This is the first time I’ve read a Mayu Shinjo piece and I admit I was smitten by her too except for the sensual and ecchi side of her works!  I have fun and I can’t ease away the smile on my face, I felt like an idiot at times!

I left you hanging with some scenes, ahurmm, I’m under 18 so I’ll have none of those! :P

By the way, this is the last chapter of the 3rd volume and I’m telling you this story has just began warming up.  So on to volume 4 on the next post!


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