Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Blaue Rosen: Chapter 16 November 8, 2008


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Looking back…

Shinnosuke’s effort to divert Mizuki’s feelings towards Akira proved to be useless given the little man’s uncontested charm!  Still, Mizuki-chan came flying back to Akira’s arm!

This Chapter…

Rui, the heir to the Ryuga Clan haven’t had a girlfriend his whole sixteen years of existence.  Well, who could ever live up to his standards liking a girl that’s Akira-like?  However, disaster is about to befall him as he’s intended to wed the XX Clan’s daughter to end the war between the two biggest Yakuza clans!

Desperate, he sought for Akira’s help, cross-dressing is needed of course, but he declined.  Ran thought of Mizuki as the perfect mob boss’ woman and even Mizuki is equally interested but Akira wouldn’t buy it and accepted the role in the end making the two guys especially Rui on cloud 9.

Mizuki was kind of suspicious that she started tailing behind Akira and overheard quite vaguely.  Akira’s loaning ten million yen from the Yakuza and might pay it back with his own body!  She decided to stop him whatever the cost and by coincidence his guy wasn’t feeling well and to save Rui from becoming a fish-bait for the rest of his life, she took over Akira and became the mob boss’ mistress!  She perfectly acted the role and successfully chased the  XX clan’s head and her daughter out of Rui’s life before she…fainted?!

Random Babblings…

I wasn’t able to write the summaries for a while coz I’ve been busy re-reading this chapter as this one’s my most favorite part so far.  This would altogether make an excellent short comedy skit!  I love how this chapter was made into a light and bubbly one and Mizuki’s so great! ♥


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