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Vampire Knight Fanbook Peek Anyone? November 6, 2008

This way to Sagukure's LJ

This way to Sagukure's LJ!

Dropped by at the ultimate fangirl, Sagakure’s LJ and she’s got scans of the latest Volume 9 manga and fanbooks released!

I recommend checking out her site while it’s hot.  Not only did she have the scans up but had those scanlated as well!  Sweet, thanks!

Hold it! Just want to give you some hints of what to expect!

* find out who among the VK characters are sadists or masochists!

* Zero and Kaname in good terms?

* the unseen side of Kuran Kaname O.o

* the mystery of the flapping bat!

* the twist in the Yuuki vs. Zero clash as seen in the last chapter

That’s it, you’re right on, now go!

More Babbles…

I’m so gonna get that fanbook soon! I love the cover (not this one) and I simply just adore Matsuri Hino’s genius!  I wonder when can I learn to draw as good as her?  Um, seems like the only thing I’m capable of drawing is a fish! ^^;

That’s just an exaggeration y’know!  I’ve drawn Gen 13’s Caitlin Fairchild, obviously, from where my pen name came from but I’ll think as many times before I’ll put it up here and let the world mock at it!

Hmm, try me and I’ll have Kaname-sama turn you all to dust! :P


9 Responses to “Vampire Knight Fanbook Peek Anyone?”

  1. […] have partly written about this here, but it’s now up at Mangafox and it’s something worth sharing […]

  2. Quinn Says:

    OMG! I didn’t realize your name was from Gen 13. I read a few comics from that series.I liked it but never cont. with it.

    Did you also check out DV8-I LOVED,loved,loved that comic.

  3. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Yeah it is. I have my collection of it but I think i haven’t completed it. I also read DV8 before but couldn’t remember. Was it the one with the Threshold origins and I think there’s Ivana too? :D

    I have sketched Fairchild before out of hobby and I think first about sharing it. Not really good in drawing though but it’s kinda vintage and has been around for more than ten years?! :)

  4. Quinn Says:

    Yep,that’s the one. :)

    I think you should post your picture of Fairchild. So what if it has been around for ten years- art is timeless.^_^

  5. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I’ll have it scanned and you’ll know when I have it posted. XD Thanks for the encouragement! :P

  6. Abigail Says:

    Excuse me,can u tell me where we can buy the book from?N how much it costs in sing dollars?

  7. […] have partly written about this here, but it’s now up at Mangafox and it’s something worth sharing […]

  8. Coder27 Says:

    What’s the story behind your username? ,

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