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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 44 November 5, 2008

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Looking back…

Nakbin almost spilled out the beans concerning Habaek’s secret, slighted Soah and made the Water God furious and almost violent!  Determined to to have him to herself alone, the scheming witch sought of Mura’s herbs which has the ability to make one fall in love with another the moment he open his eyes.  She’s got Habaek!

This Chapter…

Soah was in utter shock to discover what the unsigned note she had received earlier revealed! Nakbin…and Mui…in a moment of bliss! *coughs*

News traveled so fast.  It was Nakbin he will be taking to grant the Emperor’s invitation!  Yoo-Hye confronted Habaek of his decision as she desperately is doting for Soah but his answer irritated her more. He can’t remember Soah at all!!

Soah refused to believe given what Mui told her the other night and the promise to trust him, therefore she’d like to hear it straight from him and only then, she’d buy it.  She met Habaek that night and confident, she tried to caress him only to be rejected outwardly!

Random Babblings…

I ache for Soah and felt pity for Habaek at the same time. :{  What’s going to happen to their blossoming love now? Argggh! That evil-plotting witch!

This is the last chapter of the 6th volume; I actually have read, um, heard, the 7th volume already and I say it’s horrible!  I had my Korean friend read it for me since I can’t and spent all night telling stories! ^^  I wonder if I could bother her more for the translations (Chiresakura’s doing a great job on it, thanks to her!) but surely I’ll post spoilers at anytime. XD

Just keep some tissue handy…!


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