Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Blaue Rosen: Chapter 15 November 5, 2008


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Looking back…

A boxing match took place between Muzuki’s childhood friend Shinnosuke and current boyfriend Akira to prove if Akira could protect Mizuki at all.  Eventually, Akira bagged the match as the other guy conceded.  Worried over Shinnosuke, Mizuki tried to pacify him only to be shocked of his revelation!  He loves her!

This Chapter…

Shinnosuke, though have given up the match but not with Mizuke.  The girl in question would want to believe that he’s just jesting but then he stole a kiss from her and made aware of her personal complex and tainted Akira’s image in the hope to discourage her.

Determined to make her think twice of Akira, he started fetching her at school, introduced to his friends and for once Mizuki wasn’t a head-turner as she usually is and wasn’t mistaken for a guy or a gay rather than she’s with Akira.

But she couldn’t be happier with Akira’s words… he who doesn’t care if everyone else considered him as a girl as long as Mizuki looks at him as a man!

Random Babblings…

It’s such a waste! Mizuke and Shinnosuke look good together but she’s in love with Akira! What else  can I say? Let’s just move on ahead to the next chapter! :D


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